GameGuard: Protecting You From Your PC

So GameGuard updated recently, allegedly finally being able to detect Cheat Engine on a 64-bit OS. The update appears to have introduced a number of problems however, including:

  • Preventing Vent from running
  • Causing Aero to crash and then causing Windows to shut down shortly after if a user attempts to open Task Manager via CTRL + SHIFT + ESC
  • Causing Windows to believe it isn’t a genuine copy
  • Causing general system instability (BSODs, crashing system processes).

If you can stand to read it, there’s a thread on PSO-World here.

Now I can’t personally confirm all the problems that GameGuard is causing right now, but what is certain is the recent update has caused problems and it’s made Nprotect really unpopular among the Japanese. Given the sheer number of complaints this has caused, I expect a statement will be made at some point.

I already voiced my woes with GameGuard before, it seems little has changed. It still punishes the legitimate, honest player far more than it does the actual cheaters by being as intrusive as it is. Never mind that recent events appear to have proven that once again Sega put too much trust in GameGuard protecting their game, rather than making the effort to secure the game themselves. As Sakai seems to be currently intent on spinning this into a problem that’s being caused by foreigners rather than their own ineptitudes I wonder how long before he mentions us again.

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