Final Part of Soaring Crystal Dragon

As the mining suggested, a content update is set to arrive on the 29th of August. The update site was er, updated. With the update came a new trailer, which I’ll embed here.

Not sure what was going on with Echo’s outfit there…

Story Content

Two new chapters are on their way, the first taking you to the mines of Lilipa and the second taking you to the floating continents of Amduscia.

Fish-type Darkers on Lilipa, eh? I’m more concerned by the prospect of having to run around with Alfin, personally. The Lilipans, the ewok like things who you encountered in chapter 3, are set to return.

Bi-En, the talking Dinian from Chapter 4, is set to turn up again in Chapter 6. I wonder if there’ll be a pre-condition to make him show up? Spoilers: I wonder if it requires you to have gotten the good ending for chapter 4, where you prevent the death of the dragon Hi-Loga. It would seem odd if Bi-En helped you out after you killed one of his kind.

The other story related thing I’m wondering is if this is the chapter where we might encounter Kashina, the previously metioned hell dragon fron Dinian legend. It could well be a named Quartz Dragon, even though it’s certainly odd that a hell dragon would reside in the sky when the volcanic surface is hellish. It’s plausible that they might save that particular element of the story for a later date of course, maybe an un-announced third area of the planet?

As I hinted in the last post, the main goal of both these chapters is to acquire the other two pieces of that mysterious weapon you found in the Iceberg field on Naberius. Zig, the old sword-smith who you gave the first piece to, can put the weapon back together for you. I don’t know if he’ll present you the completed weapon at the end, or if you can even use it yourself. As we know the weapon is a rod, only one class would really get to benefit from this..

Character Creation Contest

Who cares.

Well ok I do have something to talk about for this, as they decided to show off the other prizes the contest winners recieved. Of particular interest to myself is the 3d figure print.

This… looks delicate as fuck. I was honestly expecting this one to fall through, as I recall 3D figure printing being especially bad for thin characters. Or characters with small pointy parts. By those standards this character is a figure printer’s nightmare, but despite these alleged difficulties there it is. For a figure print, it actually doesn’t look that bad either. Well except for those dead, soul-less eyes. The colours are a little washed out too, but I’d leap at the chance at having a print of my character at this quality. I doubt my wallet would, of course.

The figure stands at 20cm, which is a fairly decent size too. Given that Sakai did say they were considering offering a character printing service once before, I wonder if this figure will act as a precursor. A taster for their playerbase, maybe use it to guage interest in such a thing? Who knows.

Shop Staff Carnival

Possibly the dullest sounding carnival ever..

The 29th will also see the Scratch get rotated to include the NPC shopkeeper outfits as well as other things. Reposting a bunch in a gallery below.

Images originally found on Yes you can even dress up like your AIBOU, Alfin. Honestly, the only things there that look alright to me are the shop NPC outfits. It’s also disappointing that female Cast parts continue to be so revealing. It’s bizarre how characters with no actual flesh show off so much of it across their entire selection of outfits so far. Alone this isn’t a problem, but it seems almost every part for female Casts is like this. Even the ability to mix and match parts doesn’t alleviate the issue, as all leg parts show off the upper thighs for now. Again, it’s not the showing off skin part I don’t like, what I’m criticizing here is the distinct lack of options that female Casts get here.

You may want to know that there is no purple version of the shopping suit for males. Sorry, you won’t be able to cosplay as Doodoo this time.

Towards the Future

Already talked about the upcoming content itself, so no need to repeat that. Sakai is however set to update his blog twice this week. Presumably one of the entries will be talking about the things contained in this post, but the other could well be talking about the upcoming content in September. I’m certainly eager to hear more about the new classes, a trailer would be fantastic but even just plain information would be good.

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