Double-saber Speculation Post

Sakai said he’d update his blog twice this week and that’s what he did. Sadly neither post talked about content beyond the one due on the 29th of August. However, a particular screenshot was posted that did show some post-August content. This post will concern itself entirely with that.

Yes, that is indeed the Naura Cake Shop. Naura is giving you the eye. But this post won’t be talking about her or her decadent little shop. Take a closer look at the player character there….

That’s a male Newman, no one cares about those though. Check out the weapon he’s wielding! It is in fact the same weapon he was wielding in the promotional pic for the Premium Package that was posted a while back. The icon reveals that it is in fact a Double-saber, which folds up when sheathed as you can see.

Two things to really talk about here: the middle icon and the icon on the right.

The middle icon is the auxiliary action for a weapon, which changes depending on the weapon type. For Swords it’s a guard, for Gunslash it changes attack mode. Now before, I speculated that Double-sabers may well have a mode change as their auxiliary action, to switch between Twin-Saber mode and Double-Saber mode.

Certainly the way the weapon looks when sheathed suggests that the two blades can be separated, but that middle button doesn’t suggest a mode change at all. Datamining also doesn’t back my speculation up, as the auxiliary action is labeled “tornado” in the client. This suggests that you twirl the Double-saber like you do the Partizan, but the Partizan’s icon for it is a shield. This could indicate that you can’t use Double-sabers to guard, so their auxiliary action may serve a different purpose.

The Gears Gauge is the same as the Partizan’s, so it could serve a similar function. It’s not conclusive of course, as the Wired Lance’s Gears Gauge also has the same appearance, which is charged through attacks. All that seems certain is that pressing Shift or the Guard button on your controller won’t split the Double-Saber up. If they do split up for anything other than being put away, then I imagine it’s only during specific Photon Arts.

Speaking of Photon Arts,  IS THAT TORNADO DANCE? It’s an icon that strongly suggests it might be! If you’re unfamiliar with Tornado Dance, it was a Photon Art in Phantasy Star Universe that was essentially just used as a transportation skill. Kind of like how Rodeo Drive is now for Launchers.

Here’s a video demonstrating Tornado Dance as it was in Phantasy Star Universe, uploaded by YouTube user aerawnt:

It certainly does seem like that icon would be fitting for an attack like this, eh?

Finally, these are two un-announced class skills belonging to what might be the Fighter class. They could be enemy control skills, but exactly what they do is up in the air. Nice to finally see something that belongs to the new classes other than weapon types, however!

Nothing new on the remaining weapon types (Knuckles, Twin Daggers, Twin Machineguns and Wands), but I suspect we’re set to hear more about them soon as September is merely a week away now.

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