New Class Details Released

Ricardo at bumped handily brought together a bunch of information concerning the new classes as well as their weapon types. This post will act as a summary as well as sharing thoughts I have on them.

Sega also posted the update page with an trailer showing off the new weapon types and classes. The site also reveals other things but this post is just concerning itself with the new weapons and classes. Embedding the trailer below.

To access each new class you will need to be lv30 in an appropriate class. Match the combat type, should be fairly self explanatory. You will also need to complete a Client Order.

This content and more will be arriving on the 12th of September.


Weapon types: Double-sabers, Twin Daggers, Knuckles, Gunslashes

Fighters get absolutely no block ability at all, as none of the weapons can block. Instead, they seem centered around avoiding damage entirely through evasive actions. Double-sabers don’t have any defensive ability whatsoever though, allegedly not even Urgent Evasion (the Fighter version of Hunter’s Step). Which is curious for them to say because the character in the trailer is clearly dodging while using a Double-saber.

Like Hunter, their weapons all have Gears Gauges. Double-sabers have a stock type, the same as Wired Lance and Partisan. The gauge is charged through attacking enemies and held until the auxiliary action button is pressed. This will consume the entire gauge and leave a tornado in its wake.

Knuckles have a heat type, similar to Swords. Attack things to keep it charged up. Unlike Sword Gears it will increase the attack speed of all of the attacks you do with Knuckles.

Twin Dagger Gears are oriented around air-time. The longer you stay in the air, the more damage you do. The moment you hit the ground, however, the gauge will reset to 0. Twin Daggers can’t guard. Instead, their auxiliary action is another evade move, but it isn’t demonstrated in the trailer.

Sounds like it could be a good class for people with good reaction times, but is potentially more fragile than Hunter is. The two stances it has (Brave Stance and Wise Stance) are both for increasing damage based on your position, neither are defensive. The attacks that Fighter weapon types have seem to be faster than Hunter attacks in general, which may make Fighters more boss-friendly given that bosses in PSO2 are pretty nimble overall.


Weapon types: Twin Machine Guns, Assault Rifle, Gunslash

Unlike Ranger, their key weapon (Twin Machine Guns) has gears. The class is centered around building chains and evading damage, as opposed to Ranger which is focused on status effects and weak points. Only unlike Fighters, Gunners will need to evade attacks in order to maximize their own damage, as Twin Machine Gun’s Gears Gauge will decrease when a player receives damage. Twin Machine Guns have a flip as their auxiliary action.

The chaining system is borrowed from Phantasy Star Portable 2, only it’s an effect that needs to be applied to an enemy like Weak Bullet. Hitting the targeted area will increase the chain.. The higher the chain, the more damage a photon art will do against that spot (once Chain Finish is triggered?).

Again it sounds like the class is better for people with quicker reaction times. Given that Rangers are more the sniper/heavy-gunner type than Gunners appear to be, I wonder how this will impact a Gunner’s durability? More durable as they’re more front-line or less durable as they’re more agile? At the very least Twin Machine Guns look like they’ll be fun to use, which is something I can’t say for Ranger’s weapon types.


Weapon types: Wand, Talis, Gunslash

Again, unlike their pre-requisite class their key weapon has a Gears Gauge. Like Swords and Knuckles, Wands use a heat type. This means you’ll need to keep it charged up. The charging mechanism appears to just require you to attack enemies with techs. A charged wand will add an elemental tech-attack to the normal attack. Unlike Rods, Wand damage is affected by T-atk, not S-atk. Despite this, Techers have more S-atk than Forces, which I guess is useful for Gunslash maybe?

Techers are allegedly more front-line fighters than their Force counterparts. As such they have more S-def than Forces as well. Mind, if this is true then why did they give them Talis? Higher S-atk would benefit Rods, plus Rods are much more front-line weapons than Talises are, so I really don’t get this decision. It’s possible that Wand’s mechanics would make Rods completely obsolete, of course.

Techers also have a class skill that boosts the range of support Techs. Overall the class seems reminiscent of Acrotechers from PSU. Mind, they look like they’re better attackers overall as well, which leads me to wonder where exactly Force will fit in after Techer is released.


Only a couple of bits of news here. First off, the sub-class system is now confirmed for October. Another thing that’s been confirmed is any class can be a subclass, not just the 3 upcoming ones. Finally, having Force as a sub-class will allow you to use Techs.

The other intricacies of sub-classing, such as what gear they can use and how a sub-class’s skills will contribute to the main class or how leveling them will work are as of yet unknown.

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