Regular Maintenance Remi- FOUR GIGABYTES!?

I don’t make maintenance posts usually, but at the title suggests this is more than a regular maintenance.

Tonight’s maintenance will be implementing a fairly significant new addition to the game, namely the 3 new classes (Fighter, Gunner and Techer) as part of the “Attain New Power” update. But wait, the three classes are partially in the client already aren’t they? Surely a few weapon models and animations doesn’t explain the 4.3GB of free space required for the update? Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that the download of the patch itself will be precisely that large, but if it is (or at least is a sizable portion of it) then what could be making it so big?

There are two distinct possibilities. The patch is altering old content, or it’s adding future content in early (or perhaps even a blend of the two).

Historically speaking, Sega has patched in bulk before. This is to say, they tend to include future content and just unlock it as they go. To coin an example they did this with the “Supplemental Update” for Phantasy Star Universe and I’m sure you’ll have noted a fair amount of unreleased content if you’ve been watching any data-mining threads for PSO2. A more recent example would be the inclusion of the model of the Naura Cake Shop in a past patch, which is also set to be added tomorrow.

I think my expectations ought to be self explanatory at this point, I believe that the patch will be adding a bunch of future content in advance. Once there, Sega will do what Sega does best and not release a bunch of it for months. If this is the case, data-mining could get quite interesting in the next few days..

Despite the potential size of the patch, the duration of the maintenance period remains the same at 6 hours.

Additional thought: It’s quite possible that the patch will include almost the entire client as well as new content. Why might they do this? To change the encryption method.

PSO2 archives its data in a number of ICE files, the encryption of which was broken by certain people in order to get the English patch to work. These archives take up roughly 4.07GB of space, currently (the remaining data is music and video, which are not stored in ICE files). If they change the encryption, you would have to re-download all of that, which fits inside the specified 4.3GB as well as leaving room for roughly 200MB of new content. 200MB is about the size I would expect for new models and animations, so it is a possibility.

If this turns out to be the case, then the unofficial english patch will no longer work as of this patch, not until the new encryption is broken.

Client Order Collectibles Reference

I’ve put together a list of any tradable materials that are required for any Client Order. Simply match the quest names and copy+paste the desired item into the shop search in-game. You can find the list here.

This should help with power-leveling the new classes, although I’d advise you save the more experience rich Client Orders for the higher levels.

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