New Emergency Quests

As well as making adjustments to the rate at which Emergency Quests can occur (every 30 minutes instead of every hour as well as altering their odds of happening instead of interrupt rankings), two new emergency quests were added. This post will briefly talk about them.

Volcano Cavern Guerrilla Warfare – 火山洞窟遊撃戦

Level requirements:

  • Normal: lv10
  • Hard: lv20

This one initially feels like the other emergency quests but there is a significant difference. For one thing, there is no boss block. In fact there isn’t even a block 2. There’s only 1 block, it’s multi-party and the map size is huge.

In the old Emergency Quests, people would just skip past the single-party blocks anyway, so it’s almost like the quest is engineered based on how players have played the game so far.

The mission will have you mostly encountering Darkers, lots of Darkers. Dragonkin are an extreme minority in this mission. Not Darkers usually associated with the Caves either, as the bulk I encountered were fish-type darkers, although there were a few insect type as well (including El Ahda, a darker not seen on Amduscia at all).

The mission is timed, but unlike other timed emergency quests the mission doesn’t automatically kick you to the campship once the time is up. In fact, I’m not actually sure if you can even fail this mission, or what the condition for success is.

Gigantic Mecha Awakening – 巨大機甲種・覚醒

Level requirements:

  • Normal: lv1
  • Hard: lv20

This is the most unusual emergency quest yet. The first thing you see is a large boss teleporter, in what is the only area in the quest. It is still multi-party, however, which is again a first for this game. All boss areas before this quest was added were single-party areas. The boss warp itself should be deactivated until either everybody in the multi-party arrives, or it’s after a certain amount of time has passed.

Once everyone is in, the warp will activate and you’ll be up against a Big Verda. It appears that it has a higher chance of being boosted and having a name prefix, it isn’t guarenteed at least.

Sadly there’s nothing unusual about the fight, it’s the Big Verda you probably already know. Which means he falls apart quite fast and the bulk of the mission is the multi party smashing away at his core until it dies. The quest gives you 10 minutes to defeat the boss, but this is more than enough time so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Towards the Future

Seems Sega will be including a new miniboss in its TGS2012 demonstration this year.

Of course, if you’ve been keeping up with the data-mining you may have already spoiled the surprise for yourself. Presumably it will be an encounter in the next field to be added.

[Sources: Bumped for quest names] 

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