Pre-TGS Stream Summary

It was a bunch of Japanese people sitting down talking to a laptop.

Ok they showed a couple of videos showing off new content as well. First off is a video (uploaded by yureinu1) revealing the upcoming field, which will be demonstrated at TGS.

Datamining efforts reveal this field to be named “Ruin”. Not Ruins or Sealed Ruins or any fancy name, just Ruin. They teased us with the concept art of this area some time ago with the following image:

As there is no new field scheduled for the next update, named Call of Mortality, presumably Ruin will be added in the updated tentatively titled “That Which Destroys History”, with the final area to be added in the update titled “Where Darkness Gathers”. This is barely assumption, however.

I wonder if the last piece of concept art there is of the inside of the large red tower in the Ruin field that you can see in the video. The area seems to be fairly expansive, which to me suggested it might have been an external field when I first saw it.

The video also briefly shows the new boss, currently assigned the clearly temporary name of “alligator snapping turtle” in the client. It also turns out it is a jet-propelled giant turtle, reminiscent of a certain famous giant monster. This would also be the first fish-type Darker boss.

Unfortunately as the quality of the video is so poor I am borrowing a screenshot taken from the stream by Ricardo at Bumped.

Dark Gamera. Enemy of all children?

I believe this may be footage of one of the boss’s abilities.

Team Features

Another teaser which demonstrated upcoming expansions to team functionality (among other things) was also shown. Again uploaded by yureinu1.

The team rooms are a fair sight different to what I expected. I thought it’d be something like the regular rooms for players but expanded upon slightly, where as this feels more like some kind of guild hall. I believe that the Team Room is only available to Teams that reach lv2, which your team can reach by first obtaining 3000 team points. You can obtain team points through Team Orders at least, it isn’t known whether or not rare items can be redeemed for them (ala Blue Burst).

It looks like you can acquire NPCs for the Team Room, but the video is too poorly compressed to get much in the way of detail from it. Wonder if they use Team Points as a currency for buying extra things for the Team Room, or if they in fact use points gained from rare item turn-ins as a currency for this purpose?

The Team Room also features a “Photon Tree” which can be grown and can give out presumably team-wide buffs of various flavors. No details about the actual mechanisms behind it.

With TGS in full swing by the end of the week, hopefully some more detailed information will come out for the more imminent additions to the game.

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