MOON. 2nd Half of Attain New Power.

The update page for Attain New Power has now had its 2nd half filled in, adding images and a little information about upcoming features as well as adding a new video, which is embedded below.

It’s the same teaser that was shown during the pre-TGS stream, but without a lady going “OOOOOOH” throughout it.

This post will be talking about new information that can be gathered from the update site and the screenshots it posted.

This content should be going live on the 26th of September.

Team Functions

Nice to have a clearer picture of the Guild Ha- er Team Room! Although the site itself doesn’t state so, I believe you still need to earn 3000 Team Points to upgrade your team to lv2 before your team can acquire a room.

So once you have the room, what do you do? Seems Team Points are used as a currency for use with the Photon Tree in the room’s center at least. It may be used to expand on other functions in the room as well, but it hasn’t really been explained.

Points can be spent to upgrade certain buffs that you can apply to the entire team. The buffs are:

  • Attack Up
  • Defense Up
  • EXP Up
  • Meseta Up
  • Drop Rate Up
  • Support Photon Occurance Rate – PSE related?
  • Support Photon Effect Duration – PSE related?

I don’t know if these effects have to be manually applied or if they’re on constantly. In any case part of raising the Photon Tree also involves the use of Photon Water, whose actual function hasn’t really been explained much either.

Now we have a clearer picture of the Team Orders window, some more information can be gleaned from it. Not that this particular set of orders is guaranteed to be available when the update hits, but the one on display is a general item collection order that wants 40 items from lv1+ Diggs. Completing the Order will award you with 200 Team Points.

The line below the reward says that you can earn up to 27000 more points this week, so there is a weekly cap on the number of points that can be earned. Whether this applies to the individual or the entire team isn’t known.

The red text at the bottom of the order states that you may run this quest until this time, in this case until next Wednesday at 10:59am. It appears that Team Orders will be on a weekly rotation, with no cool-down between turn ins.

Amduscia Time Attack

The next time-attack quest to be added takes place on the planet Amduscia. This time it seems a platforming section will be involved. It’s nice to see them actually implementing jumping into something functional.

Story Quest Update

Chapters 5 and 6 will be expanded upon, with new routes added for both. Chapter 7 is set to take place aboard the Themis Arks Ship 128, which has been invaded by Darkers. You’ll be accompanied by Melphonshina, who is separate from Gettemhalt for some reason. Wonder how significant that will turn out to be…

Regias, one of the three heroes of the Arks, will also show up.

New Outfits

Not much to say here! New clothes! This lot is set to be added with the Autumn Full Moon Scratch on the 26th. I’ll simply end this post with a gallery of them.

[Thanks to Espiokaos for translations]
[Sources: Official update page, Bumped]

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