Subclasses, Very Hard and Other Stuff – Coming 10th October

Only a day after I posted my thoughts on the sub-class system, Sega announced the date it would arrive, along with other stuff shown on the official update page for “The Call of Mortality”. You can view the trailer on Youtube here. As usual, it’s a two-parter and the other half will likely not be announced until we’re heading towards the end of this month.

There’s no point recapping the details of sub-classing, but some things worth noting:

  • New All-Class weapons are coming – So my concerns that the selection was too small is no longer needed.

Things to Expect

The next level of difficulty, Very Hard, will be added along with raising the class level cap to 50. Both of those along with a new way of developing your character, all of which will undoubtedly have some barrier to overcome before you can enjoy them. Do I really need to say it? Client Orders.

There will be a Client Order in the way of all of these new things. You don’t really need to look into the tidbits that data-mining have revealed, it’s just what happens in PSO2 whenever they add anything shiny.

Beyond that, I’m wondering if all the content in the game will have Very Hard unlocked for it or not? Consider that the lv60 cap is nowhere in sight at the moment.  Now consider that Hard difficulty covered a range of 20 levels (20-40). It’s plausible that Very Hard could cover a similar range, in which case it’d be lv40-60, but we’ll be capped to 50 for the foreseeable future. Does this mean that for every mission we have now, their Very Hard cap will be only lv50? I don’t know, it just seems odd to me that Sky Lands Exploration on Very Hard would only be up to 10 levels higher than it is on Hard (although this is confirmed to be the case with Volcano Cave at least). Yeah they could plausibly go over the level cap (I can’t see how the Ruin field is going to fit in this range otherwise), but then you have the currently extremely tight EXP penalty to worry about. Sure it doesn’t matter much when all you see is EXP FULL, but on the day they raise the cap that’d suck. So, for now either the difficulty will only span 10 levels (or close to) or, potentially, not all areas will have Very Hard released for them. Not a desirable outcome. It’s that or Very Hard will just be 40-50, which I somehow doubt.

Finally, the Team Orders are tiered to difficulty, which means that you should see 3 Team Orders at once instead of 2.

Rare Variants of Enemies and Bosses

According to Bumped’s interpretation of the announcement, the rare variants of bosses will have differences that go beyond their values on the hue slider in Photoshop, at least in terms of stats. Here are three announced rare monsters:

Burn Draal
King Verder

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the data-mining will know that there are plenty of other rare variants, one for each of the bosses in the game in fact (aside Falz Hunar) and for a number of regular enemies.

As you might expect, there are going to be drops unique to these rare variants of monsters.

New Photon Arts and Technics

As the title suggests, new Photon Arts and Technics are inbound.

Along with new Discs, given that Very Hard is now out we will finally see Discs that are higher than lv10. Wonder if any visual or mechanical differences may come with lv11+ discs? PSU’s Photon Arts and Technics were split into tiers, with the 2nd tier beginning at lv11. This isn’t PSU of course, so it’s far from a guarantee that much at all will be different about the higher level Discs, aside power.

Further Changes To PSO2

Mike at PSO-World grabbed some key points from the official blog, concerning some changes to be made to PSO2. Reposting them with my thoughts here.

  • Rooms that have existed for over four hours will no longer spawn enemies nor will rooms nearing four hours (at 3 hours & 30 minutes) be accepting new parties.

I’m wondering if this is a two-birds one stone solution. This change might be to prevent bugged multi-parties from forming, as I’m sure I heard the issue was caused by some kind of buffer overflow issue when MPAs last long enough. It could also be an anti-botting measure but it’s a weak one if it is.

  • Vendor prices for weapons and units will be falling to “combat inflation.”
  • Vendor prices for single star weapons and items will be raised.
  • Boss will drop more meseta when they drop meseta (this doesn’t mean they’ll drop more meseta but the value of the meseta they drop will increase).

Not sure this will really fix anything in the long run with regards inflation, but given the third point it’s possible they’re just trying to remove the focus on farming Free Field areas for cash by making them less rewarding while making bosses more so.

  • 10 star and greater items will not be tradeable in any way.
  • Level 11 disks will not be tradeable in any way.

The only thing I can think of is that they want 10*+ to be prestigious items. This limitation on items themselves won’t be an issue as long as the stats of more common items sort of keeps up with them.

As for Disks, I’m not so sure. Given my past criticism of letting random numbers determine your character’s skill growth was somewhat deflated by the fact you could just buy the disks anyway I’m not sure I’m a big fan of this decision.

  • 7 Star or greater weapons will now drop with elements in the 20~45 range while tekked items will 25~50 range.

Maybe they’re trying to add incentive to actually bother Tekking items here, given that you can fuse items together to boost element further. Element is hardly worth bothering with at the level range we are at the minute anyway.

Towards The Future

The Ruins field as well as the new enemies and bosses it contains are next up. While a very nice looking area, I’m more looking forward to experimenting with Class/Subclass combinations to see what’s effective and probably more importantly what’s fun to play as. I am a little disappointed that I’ve heard nothing regarding any changes to the way skill tree resets will be handled or any suggestion that we’ll get free resets when the sub-class system arrives, but I honestly can’t say I’m surprised either..

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