Want a Pete? – Guardians Cash Conversion

There’s this game that recently had the plug pulled on it for good, named Phantasy Star Universe. You may have heard of it if you’re looking about a Phantasy Star fansite like this, you might have even played it. Did you spend any money buying Guardians Cash, the game’s cash-shop currency? Did you have any unspent Guardians Cash? If you did and you are playing PSO2 now you may want to read on.

A while ago Sega mentioned that there would be a way to convert Guardians Cash into Arks Cash or Webmoney, the system for it went up today along with a promotional offer.

This guide will only concern itself with the conversion into Arks Cash.

First, you will need to log in to your PSU account here. You will have to pass through a Japanese Capcha code, for which you can use this handy tool from Lexilogos if you don’t know any Japanese. Once past that you should see something like this:

The top field simply displays how much GC you have left as well as the email associated with your account.

You’ll notice that there is in fact a promotional offer for converting Guardians Cash into Arks Cash. Doing this will earn you an item code for a Mag Evolution Device to turn your Mag into Ethan’s Partner Machine “Pete”.

Some notes to be aware of:

  • The Guardians Cash to Arks Cash conversion itself will only take place after a maintenance period this December. It has not been stated exactly which week this will be.
  • You will only receive the item code after the conversion has been completed. The item code will be sent to the email associated with your Phantasy Star Universe account. 
  • If you only had 5GC on your PSU account, it will be raised to 10AC when converted.
  • You only get 1 code. If you use another Mag Evolution Device, reset your Mag etc then you will not get another chance to change your Mag into Pete. Pick carefully.
  • The device can only be used on lv100+ Mags.
  • This device will not alter any of your Mag’s abilities, it is just a skin.

With that, onto a walkthrough of the rest of the process. Click the button under Pete that says “AC…..”. Clicking that will take you to this page:

This wants your Phantasy Star Online 2 username and password that you wish to send the Guardians Cash to. Upon entering them you will see this:

This is asking you to confirm your decision. Click the left button. This will take you to the next screen:

It’s simply telling you to check your email for a message with a confirmation link. Go to your email and open the message (it will be something like (株式会社ISAO) PSU IDサポートチーム – ACへの変換手続き完了のお知らせ). Click on the link in the message which will take you to this screen:

If you see this, then all went well! Remember that you won’t see your AC immediately, you’ll have to wait until some unspecified maintenance in December.

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