Sakai: “We done screwed up, whoops!” – Emergency maint 12th October

Official announcement here.

A more detailed run down can be found here.

The short of it is really in the title, Sakai pretty much says they screwed up. The XP curve will be being “fixed” in the upcoming maintenance, taking place on the 12th of October at 9:00-14:00 JST.

Other time zones:

  • 12th October, 1:00AM – 6:00AM BST (UK)
  • 11th October, 5:00PM – 10:00PM PDT
  • 11th October, 7:00PM – 12:00AM CDT
  • 11th October, 8:00PM – 1:00AM EDT
  • 11th October, 2:00PM – 7:00PM HAST

Incidentally, your acquired exp will not change, so if you hit lv41 and kept playing a good while you might find you’ll already be lv42 when you log in after maint (or higher if you’re a real poopsocker).

The values themselves were allegedly based on data from way back in July, which didn’t match up with the changes that have happened to the game meanwhile. Hmmm.

Other tidbits include:

  • Plans to implement a way of earning EXP after your character hits the cap, potentially turning it into a currency of sorts.
  • Re-mentioning the plans to implement content aimed solely at capped players.
  • Next level cap won’t be for some while!
  • The prices of medical items (Monomate, Dimate, Trimate etc), medical drinks and item upgrading will be reduced.

What a messy update, was gonna post a rant on it but if the XP values post maint are reasonable then it’ll resolve most of the issues I had anyway.

Credit to EspioKaos for providing this information.

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