October 24th Patch

So the patch has arrived and with it has come the rest of Very Hard as well as a variety of new costumes and accessories. You can find a complete list of the new costumes and accessories over at Bumped.

Level Requirements

First thing on my mind was what would the level requirements of the new Very Hard difficulties of each mission be? Here are some tables, which also include the requirements for the other difficulty settings.

Free Field

Time Attack

Arks Quests

So yeah, as it is at the minute you unlock all available content in the game at lv44. I’m afraid it’s still quite a grind to get there, but it’s more reasonable than I was expecting.

Client Orders

Along with the Halloween theme are Halloween Client Orders. These Orders will only be available during the Halloween season. You get them from this advertisement of the cash shop named Xie.

Xie, looking a might sorry for herself.

The first Client Order requires you to complete Free Field Forest within 8 minutes on any difficulty. I can’t speak the rest of her Client Orders yet but you can at least start them from lv5, which is nice.

Very Hard Team Orders

This update also added a new tier of Team Orders that concern themselves with Very Hard content, which will award 350TP per turn-in.

What about other Client Orders?


The only ones for Very Hard are Gerard’s rare monster Client Orders and the Time Attack orders. That’s it.

Other Thoughts

Multi-Class Weapons

I wonder if there are more multi-class weapons amongst the items we can now access thanks to Very Hard now being complete. It’s too early to say, as we need to let the playerbase actually find the weapons first and all. At the very least, I certainly hope there are. It’s pretty disappointing that the all-class weapons that were released with the first part of Call of Mortality were so few in number and so rare as well. Well, some rarer than others with the worst example being the all-class twin daggers, Nishiki. According to Swiki, it only drops from lv46 Sil Dinians. Yeah, Sil DINIANS. The highest level you can encounter in regular Caves are lv44 at max, which means the only Sil Dinians which fit the requirement would be the ones encountered in the emergency quest. Dragonkin in general are quite rare there, so if swiki is accurate then Nishiki is an obscenely rare item.

Mr Umblla is kind of dumb.

So, the mechanic is he spins around and stops, ending up facing a random direction. If someone happens to be in front of him at this time, he thwacks them with his cane and it pleases him. So it’s basically nearly impossible while soloing. Oh, also your Mags can piss it off by hitting it, but at least Sega had the decency to make sure that NPCs wouldn’t attack it (however by doing so I wonder if they’ve also managed to break their ability to attack Baize…).

At least he looks cool enough, just wish it wasn’t such a dull mechanic is all.

Bit of trivia, Mr Umblla was confirmed as being an “Extra-Dimensional” creature. Within the client, there is an extra-dimensional category for enemies (though for most of PSO2’s life the only enemies in this category was the fluffy Rappy and its seasonal counterparts). Wonder if Umblla and Rappy could be from the same place? Of course I imagine that the category is simply reserved for any enemy that doesn’t fit in the other categories.

Towards the Future

The Ruins are coming! The new field is set to be added to the game in November in the update titled “That Which Destroys History”. There’s only one more update after that on the longterm schedule, so the end of the first season of PSO2 (or PSO2v1 if you want to call it that) feels like it’s on the horizon now. I wonder if the lv60 cap is going to thusly be included in the next schedule? There has been absolutely no details mentioned beyond the schedule of course and I suspect we won’t hear anything about it until some time in the new year.

At the Arks Party held in Tokyo just recently, it was revealed that there would be two more systems of currency. The first is the EXCUBE system, which will be a shop where you can exchange excess EXP for items. It’s just a mechanic to make EXP useful beyond hitting the cap is all, which is something they expressed interest in exploring earlier. There will also be a shop that uses Photon Drops as currency, where again you can obtain various items. Hopefully we’ll hear more about these systems soon. I’m personally with-holding my opinion of them until I see what kind of items they’ll be selling.

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