List Of Items For The Upcoming Exchange Shops

So it seems we have a price list for the upcoming shop systems, one of which as you may guess uses Photon Drops. The other is a mechanism for making EXP useful after hitting the level cap.

This list was originally posted at Shougai PSO, the author of which attended the event this was all announced at. I am quoting the translations done by Ricardo at Bumped.

Photon Drop Exchange Shop

  • 1 Photon Sphere = 10 Photon Crystals
  • 1 Photon Sphere = 99 Photon Drops
  • 1 Photon Crystal = 10 Photon Drops
  • 5 EXP+25% = 1 Photon Sphere
  • 1 EXP+75% = 1 Photon Sphere
  • 3 Food Device Striking Mini = 2 Photon Spheres
  • 3 Food Device Ranged Mini = 2 Photon Spheres
  • 3 Food Device Tech Mini = 2 Photon Spheres
  • 3 Food Device DEX Mini = 2 Photon Spheres


  • 3 Rare Drop Boost + 250% = 2 Excube
  • 1 Grind Success + 30% = 1 Excube
  • 1 Add ability success + 30% = 1 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Helix P = 10 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Helix I = 10 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Helix N = 10 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Ajax P = 10 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Ajax I = 10 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Ajax N = 10 Excube
  • 1 Rear / Tiltwin γ = ??? Excube
  • 1 Arm / Titastin γ = ???? Excube
  • 1 Leg / Destren γ = ??? Excube
  • 1 Rear / Brostol γ = ??? Excube
  • 1 Arm / Bristea γ = ??? Excube
  • 1 Leg / Breasn γ = ??? Excube
  • 1 Rear / Rappy Feather = ??? Excube
  • 10 Star Unit with Lucky Rise Attached = ??? Excube

So yeah, I did say I was gonna with-hold opinion until we got a list. Well, we got a list alright, but as you can see it isn’t complete. Nor do we really know the details of certain items.

The photon drop shop just seems pointless in general. To actually get any items you need to exchange Photon Spheres. As you can see, you will actually lose Photon Drops if you convert them into Photon Crystals (100 Drops is 10 Crystals which is 1 Sphere, but 99 drops are also 1 Sphere. It’s only one Photon Drop but a loss is a loss!). Yeah you can randomly acquire Photon Crystals while playing so in that case you lose nothing, but otherwise converting drops to crystals seems kind of a waste.

So it’s 198 Photon Drops to get 3 Mag feed items? You’ll raise the Mag significantly faster by feeding it the items you’ll gain while acquiring drops! Of course yeah, it’s a little riskier but that’s one hell of a time cost just for the sake of being cautious. This only leaves the EXP booster items, which are useful beyond the obvious benefit of leveling faster; it lets you acquire a much more useful currency more quickly (EXCUBEs). They might add more items later, but for the moment it seems to be pretty pointless.

The EXCUBE shop (wonder if I’m meant to be capitalizing that?) on the other hand, looks quite a bit more interesting. There are some unknowns, like the actual stats of the items you can get through it as well as there’s really no way to gauge how valuable these items are as we don’t know how much EXP is required to get a single cube. Regardless, the ability to change my Mag’s photon blast is an attractive one at least, as well that meaty looking drop rate booster. Being able to influence weapon upgrading without the aid of the cash shop is also a bonus, at least currently. It depends on how things pan out later on in the game (as in, for 12*+ I wonder if success is all but impossible without these items…).

It’s pretty much guaranteed that even if these turn out to be all the things the shops have when they arrive  that there will be expansions to the shop. I recall 10* weapons being mentioned as well as units, well all I see in this preview list is a singular unit.

The exchange shops along with the first part of “That Which Destroys History” will be arriving on the 7th of November,

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