First Part of That Which Destroys History

As usual, the update page has been put up roughly a week and a half before the update itself hits. With it came a new trailer, which I’ll embed below:

This update will be arriving on the 7th of November

To summarize the details:

  • New Field: Ruins
    • Includes new enemies, Cyclonehda, Kuklonahda and Krabahda.
    • New mechanic: “The Grim Monolith”, which can power Darkers up if it becomes infected.
    • New interrupt event involving a machine known as “Darkyme”
    • New Boss: He is filled with turtle meat! We believe in Zeshrayda

The ruins area looks pretty great, certainly compared to the overall disappointment that Sky Land turned out to be.

You will need to be lv25 to access this new field, which puts it on the same level requirement as Sky Land (at least on normal). Wonder if we’re getting Normal, Hard and Very Hard from the start? It would kinda suck if this wasn’t the case.

Still no sign of Wolgahda! Unless it turns out to be an unannounced mini-boss I guess it’s not going to turn up until the final field of PSO2 season 1 arrives some time in the winter. Otherwise there is only one more enemy in the client that hasn’t been revealed (although it might well be a special one..).

CORRECTION. Upon watching the video more closely, Wolgahda is mentioned in one of the quest objectives.

So that’s that then! Wolgahda will also be arriving with this update. So this just leaves Falz Hunar and Hadred as far as unreleased enemies go (as well as another form of Falz, but that doesn’t exist much beyond an internal name).

Exchange Shops
These were talked about in my previous post, but just including this to re-affirm that they are being included with this update. There’s also been some new items shown off for the Photon Drop exchange shop during the trailer.

A selection of Gunscissors, as well as three Sub / Add Spirita δ units. Note that there are three of each, all with one ability each and that the one displayed has Technic III on it. I’m guessing that Power III and Shoot III are among this selection too, which if I’m right would essentially make these items synthesis fodder. If this is true, then Photon Drops do actually have some value then. A bit of a promotion above “almost useless”.

The EX-cube shop on the other hand doesn’t appear to have anything particularly new in it. There is a bit of extra information that can be gleaned from this, however. For one thing, those are some mighty looking units. Not the 10* ones, the stats on them seem to be awful. The All-Resist III ability on them is nice of course, as well as the Lucky Rise ability. I can’t help but be curious about what abilities are on the other units though, but 4 is a pretty large number of them to have.

As for the EX-cube system itself you will gain the cubes when you gain EXP equivalent to a full level. You will have to have completed all of the level cap raising quests in order to qualify for this system. Now maybe I’m not understanding this correctly but isn’t the “equivalent of a full level” 9,700,000 exp at lv50? You apparently get multiple cubes for it, but that’s a hell of a lot of exp. As it appears that you can gain the cubes before hitting the cap I would guess that the number of cubes per “level up” would be relative to the level of the class you just leveled. So you would gain more cubes for lv49-50 than you would for say, 30-31. I don’t know if this includes the entire leveling range or not, some more details on this would be nice. Derped. The cubes can only be acquired after you hit the cap. So yeah, that really is an absurd amount of EXP required.

Other Things

I was mistaken about the level requirement for the 2nd Skill Point Client Order; it unlocks at lv45, not lv47. The rest of the Client Order’s details are however accurate I’m afraid.

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