Patch incoming – It’s A Big’un.

Tonight’s maintenance, taking place at the usual time, will be unusually large. The upcoming patch is 1.6GB in size. It’ll be adding the first part of the “Destroyer of History update as well as who knows what else. Users of the English patch may want to keep an eye out as the current version will almost certainly not work beyond this update.

Aside that, a bunch of information has come out regarding that particular update as well as other things. To summarize:

  • They’re making good on their promise to re-adjust the exp curve. The change this time appears to be significant based on observations from within the community, but I’ll withhold opinion on this until we see it in the flesh ourselves.
  • The rare boss appearance rate has been increased by 10 times. How significant that will be will entirely depend on what the original rates were of course. Bringing them within the range of “having a hope in hell’s chance of seeing one” would be nice, especially as they hold Photon Arts that can’t be obtained anywhere else.
  • Techer is getting overhauled, as promised. Though from what’s been revealed so far the bulk is concerned with adjusting Wand melee (increasing range, speed, gears power and altering hit-stop), as well as their supportive abilities. I wonder how much better this will make Techer as a sub class?

As always, you can read more detail over at Bumped here.

New Trailer

During the Niconico broadcast earlier today the trailer for the second part of Destroyer of History was shown:

Uploaded by yurienu1.

As is the usual pattern with PSO2 updates, the second half will feature new outfits and story quests. In this upcoming chapter of the story it seems you’ll finally get to encounter all three heroes of the Arks in person.

From left to right: Regias, Kasura and Claris Claes

It also seems you may be set to fight Gettemhalt, which was an encounter no one saw coming. Nope, not at all. Followed up by a fight with a previously announced boss named Falz Hunar. Given the juxtaposition I can’t help but wonder if Gettemhalt will become Falz himself, which is delightfully ironic given his disposition towards anything tainted by the Darkers.

ARKS Ceremony Lobby

From Halloween to some.. other celebration of some kind! Complete with its own lobby.

Presumably it’ll have some significance to the lore of PSO2, as it somewhat reminds me of the lobby theme celebrating the “Tripartite Treaty” in PSU.

Along with this lobby comes new outfits, available through the cash shop of course. The below shots were screen-capped from the trailer, so forgiveness for the lack of quality:

Usual affair of cutesy for females, cool for males and who the fuck knows for male Casts. However one of the new outfits certainly did stand out, enough to warrant its own space on this page:

While just a female version of Xeno’s outfit, it’s a cool enough look. It’s something I really want to see more of for future outfits. Not just gender swapped ones (despite how incredible a male version of the Hunewearl outfit would be), but in general it would just be nice to have more combat-oriented gear for female characters. Not got a problem with cute or sexy outfits, it’s more a case of a complete lack of choice outside of those two.


A THING erupts out of the planet Naberius. What could it be? My best guess is that it will be the final area of the first story arc of PSO2, internally known as “darkernest”. You can catch a glimpse of it in the latter half of this trailer here. Along with what seems to be a massive hand, which may be a darker space station, a smaller craft seems to shoot out just at the end. Took three shots of it from the trailer if you wish to hazard a guess as to what it might be.

Looks like the war against the Darkers is heating up. Wonder if they get an emergency code when Arks are rampaging in their cities..

Looking forward to roaming about in the Ruins area tomorrow, it still looks pretty damn nice.

3 thoughts on “Patch incoming – It’s A Big’un.”

  1. Oh nice. And Raujinn, it’s very nice being a Hunter with Techer as a subclass, tanking with maxed Deband Cut. It would be interesting some fighters with Maxed Shifta Critical, isn’t it?

    1. Not tried deband cut out. Will do when I get round to leveling Techer properly. I really can’t judge the value of Shifta Critical, given that there really aren’t crits in the traditional sense in this game. May be more useful in the very high levels, who knows

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