Part 2 of That Which Destroys History

The update page… updated. The 2nd part will be released on the 21st of November.

As is usual, it comes with a trailer which was already revealed during the recent Niconico live broadcast but this one is available in higher quality.

I talked about this trailer in a previous post so there’s no point going over everything again. It being in higher quality however allows for a better shot of this thing:

It doesn’t clear much up, but it looks like it has a purple bit coming out of the top of it. This initially made me wonder if it was Falz Hunar riding on it, which would make it his vehicle but Hunar has already demonstrated that he has no trouble moving about in space.

Another thing it does make me think of is a certain datamined name, “dpfisharm”. Could this be the arm of Falz’ true form (“dpfishelder”)? Why its arm would be flying through space all on its own though I have no idea. It’s little more than a guess.

The Beginning of the End – Story Chapter 8

Anyone who’s played the previous Phantasy Star online games should immediately feel that this image is familiar. In case you haven’t, it’s reminiscent of the obelisk in the place where you fight Falz in PSO and the Falz Memoria lobby in PSU. It is not at all a coincidence that you will be fighting Falz Hunar for the first time at this obelisk.

The obelisk was the end of the first episode of PSO, it feels like it is hailing in the end of the first for PSO2.

There is no indication of when Falz Hunar will be added as a non-story boss.

New Clothing

Well I posted these last time, but now I can provide them without the horrible compression that comes with low quality video.

The female version of Zeno’s outfit is growing on me more, eager to see if it looks good on my character or not. Really wouldn’t mind seeing outfits borrowing from other genders more in this game.

The title card for the scratch also reveals that the female outfit in the top-right corner will be wearable by Casts. I imagine the same will be true of the male equivalent.

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