Let’s Make Dudu Even Richer

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought I just don’t give enough Meseta to Dudu. Well Sega’s got us all covered there, as G-heaven reveals that they’ll be adding an entire new layer to item upgrading.

The essential run-down is that some items, maybe all items, will have the chance to have special abilties added when you get the weapon to +10. These are not abilities like you may know them in PSO2, as they have nothing to do with abilities gained through synthesis. When you unlock a weapon’s potential, it resets the grind to +0 and grants it a lv1 special ability. Get the weapon to +10 again and do the same to grant it a lv2 special ability. It isn’t known where the limit of this system is yet.

The example given is of an Ardillow gaining the “Instant Attack Lv1” ability, which increases the damage from Just Attacks by 3%.

Little room for guessing what this is for, it’s an attempt by the developers to fight Meseta inflation by creating what I think might be the harshest money sink I’ve ever seen in an MMO. Ask any player who has had bad luck grinding a 7*-10* weapon to +10. If you are a loner and don’t have anyone you can ask, worry not for I will explain. If you’re lucky, taking a weapon in this range to +10 will only set you back maybe 100K or 200K Meseta. If you’re unlucky, the price can run up into the millions, even tens of millions of Meseta if you’re really unlucky. That’s just to get it to +10 once, this upcoming system needs it multiple times.

You didn’t want all that Meseta anyway.

But all in the aim of fighting inflation eh? Let’s take all that money out of the economy, can only be a good thing right? If you think this you may not be aware of how players generally grind in this game. Many players buy grind protection items to prevent themselves losing progress, which is money going to other players and not being taken out of circulation at all. This is a substantial amount of money at that, plus grind protection items could well soar in demand if this system is implemented as-is. This means a whole lot more Meseta being funneled towards players. While yeah, it will take a little more Meseta out of circulation, a lot more is going to end up in the hands of players who paid to open shops. I worry that this is going to make rich players considerably richer.

[Thanks to EspioKaos for interpteting]

One thought on “Let’s Make Dudu Even Richer”

  1. Harshest? I think not my friend.

    Harsh is gambling on your Bloodlust ‘something’ Braid tassel scythe +14 and hearing something along the lines of ‘Opps, my hands might o’ slipped’ which instantly sends you to permanent hiatus where you and your carefully planned and fully geared evie will nev–basically i’m saying that there’s worst for them to consider and i’m glad they haven’t. Will this be quite the meseta sink? Yes, but some of those 5 star weapons look pretty badass and i’d LOVE to use them until later levels.

    That being said.. stag better not get any gimpy bonus :/ 10 star item grinding make me feel like i’m playing Vindictus again lol ; ;

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