Return of the Pre-Downloader

Yesterday’s extended maintenance saw the return of the pre-download service. This service was taken down before due to bugs.

When you launch the launcher the window below may pop up.

Click on the left button to start it off, it’ll begin downloading files in the background to “_precede” in your pso2_bin folder. Click the right button to close the window. This window will pop up every time you start the launcher until the pre-download is completed.

So what are we downloading? Well so far it’s only half of the update due some time in early December. Unfortunately for the translation patch team, this half does not include things like the Client Order text so they can’t work on that early. It does include large icons, among other things, that reveal future content. Among these things are new costumes, two new fields (Darker Nest and Wrecked Arks Ship?) and weapons. As usual, you can find out more at psumods.

Particularly interested in seeing if “weapon avatars” means we’ll be able to re-skin weapons ourselves…

Lottie and Rubert

The latest patch fixed the problem with Lottie and Rubert not giving out Client Orders to everyone. If they still aren’t giving you Client Orders when you log in, try switching blocks, that got them to show up finally for me. You can also apparently enter and exit the Campship to get them to function.

You will need to be at least lv37 for the Orders these NPCs give out, as the pair of them are only concerned with Very Hard difficulty.

Between the two, Rubert’s orders have proved to be the less annoying ones. What helps is it’ll count kills by other people as well (as long as the target’s weakpoint was the last part hit). Maybe I just have really bad luck with encountering the boosted enemies that Lottie requires. For things requiring lv41+ enemies the payout is really quite rubbish as well.

Christmas is Coming!

Well it is. December is just around the corner and presumably when the first part of the update hits we’ll be getting the above pictured lobby. Wonder what theme they’ll use?

Along with a Christmas-y lobby will be Christmas-y outfits. No creepy reindeer outfit, however. :(

Santa Suit + Santa Hat with Beard, Santa Dress + Santa Hat, Shilling Order

That beard looks… amazing. Wonder if they’ll bar female characters from wearing it! Speaking of things crossing gender boundaries we have another conversion of a male outfit for females, this time of the Ramar outfit. It’s nice to see this, though I wouldn’t mind an original outfit along these lines as well.

Freux Neige + Freux Head, Funny Traitor + Firm Earmuffs

A pair of winter-y outfits. Freux Neige is a little too Kingdom Hearts for me, but they’re still a fairly cool looking pair of outfits. Love the look of Freux Head, I suspect that may turn into an expensive item.

OH GOD, IT’S ADORABLE. The “Sent Rappy” will be appearing during the season to drop whatever season junk it’s gonna drop.

There is a seasonal emergency quest, much like there was for Halloween. It is pretty much the exact same quest, only this time taking place in the Tundra. Oh well, a chance to stock up on your cake of choice I guess. Although, given that we’re due a new emergency quest featuring Dark Falz at around the same time, it’s a little concerning that these might end up conflicting with each other. Which would you rather have, is the question: Cake, or death?

[Sources: PSO2 Uploader, Bumped for item names]

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