PSO2 Vita Opening Movie + Trailer

crossplatformThe PSVita version of the game has moved further along it seems. This post will share my thoughts on the released videos as well as briefly discuss future content.


Opening Movie

This is the same movie that was revealed earlier on during one of the recent live broadcasts on NicoNico, but of course this one is higher quality.

Promotional Trailer

Yeah, it looks like they’ve made a pretty competent port of the PC version. All of the features you’ve become familiar with on the PC version are available on the PS Vita version, including the ability to participate in 12-man multi parties.

psv_00Cross-play between the PC and Vita versions is still a thing, so you’ll be able to use the same account and character on both versions as well as play with players in cross-platform parties. As stated before though, cross-platform partying can only happen in certain blocks.

chrome_dragon_The video also briefly shows off the new boss, Chrome Dragon. As a reminder, the data mining suggests that it is to appear in a side-story quest (as a named variant of Chrome Dragon called “Hadred”). Despite its SEED-like appearance, it is a dragonkin enemy not a Darker.

The sign-up period for the beta test of PSO2 Vita is set to end on the 7th of January, with the tests themselves starting at an as of yet un-announced time. Official site of the closed-beta test can be found here.

The character creator on the PSVita version of the game will take advantage of the touch-screen input. This has slightly perverted implications for the breast slider…
I wonder if symbol arts will be easier or harder to make with the touchscreen…

Towards the Future

The final THIRD part of Where Darkness Gathers is a bit limp in comparison to other updates. It is pretty much a scratch rotation and nothing more. Some new costumes are coming such as little miss underboob’s outfit, “Mikoto Cluster” (Matoi’s outfit) as well as Sara’s outfit. I know a number of people have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the latter outfit, so the prices could be fun. The rest of the outfits can be seen on the update page here.

In terms of content beyond that, it’s a bit of a mystery currently. But a mystery that’s set to be solved soon after tonight’s maintenance, apparently. All we know at the moment is Code: Clone is set to arrive some time in January and that a Falz Hunar emergency quest is to be added at some point. Finally of course there’s the new boss “Chrome Dragon” and its side-story quest, which we know won’t be arriving until after the Vita version has been released. The Vita version was last slated for a release date of th 28th of February. It at least looks like updates for the next two months won’t be as dense as in previous months, but that assumption could easily be shattered by the arrival of the new long-term schedule which is supposed to be due sometime soon.

5 thoughts on “PSO2 Vita Opening Movie + Trailer”

    1. Two of them, even. A system update and the video. As there aren’t any Wednesdays left in December I have no idea when those are set to open up

    2. Adding more info, Mewn pointed out to me that the greyed out buttons state that both are “Planned to be available at the end of December”. So any day now…

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