Sega Taking Your Money Again

tweeeeetA number of players have noticed and confirmed that you can now use non-JP credit cards to buy Arks Cash. However it appears to be somewhat inconsistent, as while some people have found they’re able to buy Arks Cash others are still having their cards denied or having other issues trying to give Sega money. At the moment, I would advise cautious optimism.

Sega announced some time back that they’d no longer be accepting foreign payments (in order to combat cheating…. yeah) and haven’t officially said they’d overturned this decision since. Could this be an accident?

If it’s an accident, we may hear about this soon and charges may well end up being reversed again. I doubt there will be much in the way of consequences if this happens. If this isn’t an accident, then it’d be best if Sega said something about it as their more cautious foreign fans may be withholding their money in case this all goes belly up again.

Meanwhile, if you want to try giving Sega money without having to use Webmoney or other third party services then this guide should still be valid. I make no guarantees that your card will work, however, nor can I guarantee that this is 100% safe for your game account I guess.

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