Clones: Information

hueeeyThis update added a chance that your character could come under attack from Arks Clones. These copies of player characters function similarly to friend partners, only the slightly important difference of being able to kill you.

clonezThis post will act as a repository for any relevant information I come across regarding clones. I’ll add more as I encounter information.

There’s a reason I categorized this under rumourmill as well as features, as some information is difficult to completely verify due to the rarity of the emergency trial.

Encountering Clones

  • Clones can only be encountered in single party areas, with the exclusion of boss arenas.
  • The number of clones matches the number of human players in the party.

Clone Abilities

  • Clones have a significantly higher amount of HP than players and even NPCs. Their HP is comparable to minibosses. It’s not known if this varies by character build yet.
  • Default clones are based on the default class appearances on character creation and are named after numbers in various languages.
    • So far, these clones are much more durable than clones of actual players
    • These clones don’t really deal much in the way of damage
  • Clones of actual players can hit severely hard, possibly depending on their build. Experience so far teaches that clones of Forces or Techers can be especially lethal (though this may be due to my own build).
    • The clones of actual players I’ve encountered weren’t as durable as the default clones. This could be due to the builds of these characters, however.
  • Clones can buff each other, though I’ve yet to see clones healing each other.
  • Clones can apparently apply Weak Bullet to players.
  • Clones can be grappled and knocked around and anything else that would affect a player. So they’re not like the NPC bosses so far.
  • Clones can be flinched
  • Clones have an invincibility window when they’re getting up, just like players do.


  • Clones seem to always drop Photon Spheres, they can sometimes additionally drop Meseta.
  • Completing Code:Clone e-trials appears to be the way to obtain the new Zan series units.

Becoming a Clone

  • You will need to successfully clear the quest in Darkernest that can randomly occur instead of the quest you selected.
  • This quest can only be triggered at a time-attack gate at Very Hard difficulty.
  • Getting an S-rank on a Very Hard quest before hitting the starting gate in a Time Attack quest seems to be related to it. However whether this includes non time-attack based quests as qualifiers isn’t certain,but the current theory is that S-ranking multiple Time Attacks raises your chances.
  • Your clone is created at the very start of the abduction quest, not the end.
  • The official blog only gives a little hint. You will need to get “a high evaluation” many times. It also suggests that you can’t just repeatedly abandon then hit the gate to get an attempt.


  • If a clone is air-locked by say a Gunner juggling combo they may appear to just be standing around to other players.

3 thoughts on “Clones: Information”

  1. A friend of mine was jumped by my hu/te clone (built for serious CC) and I didn’t get abducted, but I do taco daily and I haven’t used my hu so its partner card dependant.

  2. Yeah, i’ve defeated a FO/TE with Elder Rod (Most probably +10) and Rafoie can cause me a max damage of 225-300, getting 1000 t-def, flash tech guard lv 5 and Deband Cut lv 10…

    They’re very problematic while you try clearing Falz Hunar’s EQ—

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