bearbannerSo Shougai posted up some details from magazines about the upcoming “Valorous Vanguard” update. To summarize what we have to look forward to:

  • New Time-Attack quest set on Naberius
  • Valentines emergency quest: “Where’s the Chocolate?”
  • New Scratch items – Pâtissier Apron (Naura Cake Sisters) and four or maybe more original outfits.

Someone uploaded the following scan to PSO2uploader, depicting the upcoming outfits. Hopefully an update page will be published in the not too distant future so we can get a better look at them, but it seems like there are potentially six new outfits.

up35352These continue the series of field-themed outfits, this time covering the Volcano Cave area of Amduscia. This apparently means GIANT SHOULDERS for Casts. Seriously, look at that Caseal in the lower left there, look at her! Other than her along the top we have an Orc from World of Warcraft, Isaac from Dead Space, something half covered by text and the aforementioned Naura outfit.

Naberius Marathon Training II

Well given it’s currently the only planet with a third area it’s not too surprising that we’ve ended up with the next Time Attack on it. Details on the areas are thin, but I imagine it’s guaranteed to include the Ruins field at least.

What’s interesting is it will feature Fang Banther as its mid-boss and Dark Ragne as the end boss. Why is that interesting? Because these are the bosses required by the Skill Point Client Orders. While Dark Ragne could be accessed if you had unlocked Chapter 7 of the story there was no guaranteed spawn of Fang Banther that was high enough to satisfy its Client Order. So this Time Attack negates the need to wait on emergency quests in both cases and of course means you no longer have to haul yourself to Chapter 7 (in which time you’d probably encounter Dark Ragne randomly anyway). This also means a couple of other Client Orders in Hans and Revelle’s selection have just become a lot easier.

Where’s The Chocolate?

Ah, Valentines Day. Don’t know about you but when I think about Valentines the images of mantis men, purple worms and molten rock just leaps into my mind. While details are thin, I have a feeling it could be another quest where you’re having to protect the Naura Cake Sisters only this time in the belly of a Volcano. Sort-of fitting for the Nauras given their history. This might be reinforced by the fact that their outfits will be being released with the Valentine’s Scratch.

Can’t imagine the heat of a Volcano is all that good for chocolate, though. Bit melty.


Xie! This time arriving in very baggy trousers. She will be about to give out a new set of seasonal Client Orders, as well as hopefully accept an overdue one I have from the Christmas event. Presumably also handing out the same item that Love Rappies will drop.

[Sources: Shougai PSO, PSO2Uploader, Bumped]

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