Kuhna The Idol

I_believe_I_can_flyIn today’s Shonen Jump Weekly some information was teased regarding a new character in PSO2’s story who goes by the name of Kuhna (or possibly Koona or Kuna).

Here’s what she looks like:

up35874So who is she? It’s not entirely clear, other than she may be heavily involved in the Hadred side-story quest which could be set to arrive some time in March. The title of “idol” suggests that there will be singing involved. The data-mining also supports this in the quest text as well as the Chrome Dragon’s archive including a model of the Mic-Stand weapon. Will Hadred be singing? Just what kind of side story are we in for…


This is clearly taking place in Chrome Dragon’s arena, presumably for the side-story quest but this doesn’t seem to be Kuhna. The outfit looks a little unusual as well, as if a UV-map broke or something. Is this a different character or an abandoned design?

sidestory02A close up of Hadred’s face. I don’t see much singing going on here, but according to the data-mining efforts it’s involved somewhere. Singing at Hadred, being sung to by Hadred or a grand old sing-along where your avatar creepily moves its mouth roughly along, who knows! So far there’s been no text from the magazine uploaded as far as I know so the information is very thin. One was found just as I was writing this!

Posting a full-page scan below. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to have much in the way of information regarding Kuhna.

shonenscanNot entirely sure where the earlier images in this post have come from, I just found them on PSO2uploader.

200,000 hits!

As a small aside, PSO2Blog hit the 200,000 view-count milestone earlier in the month!

When I began writing this blog in July 2011 I didn’t expect this site to even reach 6 figures, let alone get this far. Thank you for visiting, I hope this site has been helpful to you!

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