Part 1 of Valorous Vanguard

lavalovaSo yeah, the first part of this update has arrived with a bit more than I expected it to. This post will be going over various aspects of it.

Marathon Training: Naberius II

First off, a new Time-Attack quest was added. Taking place on Naberius, like the name of it suggests, it spans the Forest, Tundra and Ruins areas.

pso20130123_122647_001I’ve only tried it a few times solo and there doesn’t seem to be a lot to it really, just kill your way towards the goal. When I get to try it later in a group I’ll see if there are any differences, but so far it doesn’t seem like a complicated quest.

The mission boasts some pretty nicely sized spawns, but overall there aren’t that many encounters to go through. There are two places where the road splits, leading to different bosses and mini-bosses. I’ll go over where and what now.


  • North exit: De Malmoth
  • East exit: Wolgahda
  • South exit: Gwanada
  • West exit: Rockbear

What’s significant is this is the quickest way to access these minibosses, so you may want to take this into account when doing Client Orders that require them. All four of these routes will converge on the block pictured below. The two exits are at A-1 and C-1 respectively, each will take you to a different boss encounter.


  • East exit: Fang Banshee
  • West exit: Fang Banther

Again, good for their respective Client Orders. You’ll likely be heading west more than east if this is what you’re running the quest for. Both routes converge on a block with waves of Darkers, which include the game’s first guaranteed spawn of Predikahdas and Dikahdas. Beyond that is Dark Ragne, who is fighting some Natives. All enemies in the final block will need to be defeated in order for the quest to clear, including the natives (they do not de-spawn when Dark Ragne is defeated).



Speaking of Client Orders, this quest arrived with its own selection of Time-Attack Client Orders. Like the others, you unlock them by completing the Time Attack quest at least once on any difficulty. The rewards are as follows:

  • Normal: 30,000 Meseta, 3000 EXP
  • Hard: 65,000 Meseta,  6000 EXP
  • Very Hard: 100,000 Meseta, 12,000 EXP

All of them are on 24 hour cool-downs. They require you to get at least A-rank on the respective difficulty.

Where’s the Chocolate Emergency Quest 

pso20130123_150843_024RUB IT!

The seasonal emergency quest set in Amduscia’s Volcano Cave area. This is a points based quest where points are gained by clearing numerous Code: Attacks, in which you’ll need to keep various female NPCs alive. Presumably it’ll be the same but all male NPCs when White Day arrives.

Not entirely sure what the point of the block at the end is, it just seemed to contain one Code: Attack starring Lisa. Was expecting Cake Sisters but they never showed up. If I find anything else out I’ll update this bit.

The quest may have a raised rare enemy occurrence rate in general, so it may be wise to bring along Dagan Nero and Deegnatz Client Orders as well as the Caterdraal one.

Campaigns, Campaigns Everywhere

Numerous campaigns have been launched this season. There’s the Valentines Campaign, the Password Change Campaign and the “Give Us Money” Campaign.

  • Valentines
    • 23rd of January to the 6th of February
    • Just complete Xie’s seasonal Client Orders. Completing one will net you a mug for your room and completing them all will get you a couple of Valentines Gift room decorations. So, if you don’t have a room or are ever planning to get one this campaign is utterly worthless.
    • To be distributed 13th February
  • Password Change
    • 23rd of January to the 6th of February
    • Change your password. Simple as. Well I say simple, I mean a horrible nightmare if you’re attempting the Hiragana capcha by yourself. Doing so will get you a couple of useless room decorations as well as the actually useful 30 Grinders.
    • To be distributed 20th February
  • Give Us Money (Scratch Campaign)
    • 23rd of January to the 13th of February
    • Give Sega money. Well it’s more than that, give Sega 3000+ AC’s worth of money and use it all on the AC Scratch. Doing so will get you a Rappy Suit. Woop.
    • To be distributed in mid-March

Other Things

fainaDaily Quests Boosted

The utterly useless Daily Client Orders have all had their rewards increased. So are they actually worth bothering with now? It still depends on the quest, it seems. As an example:

 討伐:ゼッシュレイダⅠ / Defeat Zeshrayda I

8100 -> 28,350 EXP
1560 -> 5460 Meseta

That’s quite a buff for that one. On the other hand…

周回:アムドゥスキア走破・VHⅡ / Run Marathon Training: Amduscia VH II

500 -> 1750 EXP
448 -> 1568 Meseta

It’s a boost, sure, but it’s still not really worth it. The only thing that can be really said here is it is definitely worth checking out which orders you have for the day, as they can potentially more than double the amount of EXP you gain per kill of a specific critter.

Over End Tweaked

overendOver End’s power was raised as well as the speed of the attack animation. Or so they say, anyway, because the animation speed really doesn’t feel all that different.

The power on the other hand is definitely higher, going from 1429% to a whopping 1941% at lv14. I don’t really have the best gear to take advantage of it, as the game has seen fit to deny me any sword better than a Dinian Edge since the game came out, however I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more Over End spam for a while. It feels like it overpowers my other photon arts to a fair degree, which is alarming given that those are attached to much better weapons. Sega is as good at balance as it ever was…

Towards the Future

If nothing else it’s nice that we got an actual update that we can tangibly appreciate. Not something either hidden behind RNG or on a time-limited basis, like we’ve been having the last two months. As this game moves ahead, I would prefer to see more content additions that can be accessed at my leisure like this.

In February we’ll be seeing Advance Quests. I’m sad to say that the data-mining does suggest that there is some kind of currency you need to collect in order to access these quests, which is worrying. Hopefully they won’t be too RNG based….


The AC banner for the next Scratch update was found in the client. It’s clearly continuing the theme of outfits designed after fields, with this one being for Lilipa’s Desert. That just leaves Lilipa’s Underground Complex, Amduscia’s Floating Continent and Naberius’ Ruins to go. Unless they\re also going to base one on Darkernest of course.

Not much to say about them. Giant shoulders on the Cast, the Newearl belly-dancer is kind of cute, I have no idea what the fuck with the Caseal and the Human one is alright. I like the fleshy outfits this time, but they all definitely fit the desert theme. Naturally, as this content hasn’t been officially revealed there’s no guarantee that they’ll be exactly like this when they’re released.

6 thoughts on “Part 1 of Valorous Vanguard”

  1. I am here to confirm that the data mined picture of the Lillipa based costumes are actually coming in the next fashion update. About a week ago, some friends over at were able to data mine some large icons of new costumes. These icons were of the Cave based costumes, along with the CV versions of the Filph and Griss series (Cast parts) featured in the recent fashion update. (The valentines one) There were a few new costumes that were also in there. Here is the full list of the costumes coming out in this update:

    -Shop District NPC Costumes (The ones worn by Franka, Girard, Wood, etc) Both male and female
    -Lillipan Costume (I’m assuming all race, all gender)
    -Different colors of the Jean Doo and Honey Jacket costumes
    -Shii’s Costume
    -CV Versions of the Hurion and Cherubina Series
    -The 4 costumes featured in this post

    There was also another form of the Cancer mag in there too. To see the original post, and check out the images for yourselves, check it out here (It’s the newest post by Agrajag)

  2. Well would you look at that. Of course this now means that I might get attacked by a clone who’s wearing a Lilipan suit. They’ll get revenge for all the Lilipans I’ve slaughtered instead of bothering to rescue. It’s not my fault they’re so fun to blow up…

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