Advance Quests – Initial Information

poor_rappyShougai just posted up a portion of an interview from Famitsu Connect!On, detailing Advance Quests for the first time. Advance Quests will be added in the second part of Valorous Vanguard in early February.

Thanks to EspioKaos for picking out and translating information.

  • You need to be at least lv45
  • Advance Quests require Advance Capsules
    • Some Advance Quests require 10 Capsules per party member – It’s not clear if this means all Advance Quests or not.. The line in question translates to “Quests requiring 10 capsules per 1 person are known to exist.”, which doesn’t say for definite either way. 
    • Advance Capsules can be bought for 50,000 meseta each or acquired from Advance Quests
    • Like Guardians Cash missions in Phantasy Star Universe, the party leader can cover the entry fee for the entire party
    • Advance Capsule a = Forest / Advance
    • Advance Capsule b = Caves / Advance
    • Advance Capsule c = Desert / Advance
  • Upon clearing an Advance Quest you will acquire Advance Risk.
    • Advance Risk will affect the contents of Advance Quests, such as increasing monster levels (to lv56+) and increasing the occurrence rate of boosted enemies.
    • The higher your Risk, the more difficult an Advance Quest will be
    • Advance Risk resets at the end of the week.
  • Advance Quests are said to have exclusive drops, but this could be due to the fact that these are the only places where players will be able to encounter monsters in the lv56+ drop tier.

So, 50,000 meseta per capsule. Given that the capsules apparently only drop in Advance Quests themselves players are going to take a hit to their wallets at least once. How much this is going to favor richer players depends entirely on what the drop-rate of the capsules is. 10 capsules or 500,000 meseta for one attempt at a mission sounds rough. 2 million meseta if someone opts to pay for a full party.

Alarmingly there is the possibility that a 500,000 meseta entry fee will be the standard for these quests, which is absurd if so. The trailer for Valorous Vanguard, which shows advance quests towards the end, appears to indicate that we get roughly an hour to complete the quests. 500,000 meseta for one hour? Wait and see, I suppose.

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