The Future – A Glimpse

wuhBeing too unwell to update while all this new information is coming out sucks! So rather than post news as if it were new, this post will share my thoughts on the things heading our way.

Part 2 of Valorous Vanguard

The next part of the update was revealed, embedding the trailer below. This update will be arriving on the 13th of February.

Advance Quests

It’s looking like they may all in fact cost a player 500,000 Meseta to get started. An unfortunate situation, but how unfortunate utterly depends on the drop-rate of the capsules within the quests themselves. The primary worry is it will grant richer players (mostly those who bought player shops) an unfair advantage over poorer players. Paying players already have a fair number of advantages within the game (in particular with regard item upgrades).

57rogbeltAdvance Risk, which is acquired upon clearing Advance Quests, will increase the levels of the enemies as well as the appearance rate of boosted enemies. I wonder if this is a value only taken from the leader or if the value is a party-wide total? If it’s the latter, I’m not looking forward to the elitism it could cause but that ought to be mitigated by the weekly resets.

Should also be noted that generally speaking boosted enemies are easier to defeat than regular enemies. A potentially clumsy way to increase the difficulty of the quests in that light.

updateimageThroughout the lead-up to Advance Quests we’ve been teased about new weapons dropping in them. I’m sure you’ve noticed the weapons on the update page pictured above. Among them is what appears to be a golden version of Vol Scale.

ui_item_1010042It has been in the client for some time, as well as rare versions of other boss-part items. This particular one pretty much certainly drops from Burn Draal, the rare version of Vol Dragon. It’s possible that they will drop in the Advance Quests initially due to the enemy level being in the appropriate tier. There are other things that may turn up too, such as rare-versions of boss-part units. I wonder if Zeshrayda’s units will finally turn up as well?

Image taken from this post at Bumped.

In the above image you can see two other rare variants of boss-part weapons. Rogbelt Knuckle and Draal Vorg, rare variants of Rock Knuckle and Fin Volg respectively. As far as I know, there is no information about red weapons or where they’re going to turn up.

In case you’re curious about the description of the Red Double Saber, here’s a translation by Espiokaos:

An experimental double saber with symbolic coloring. Its dazzling red color will surely grab everyone’s attention.

I can’t say I’m not eager to find out if these missions are any fun to run or not. Naturally the capsule system is concerning but for all I know it could work out. It could… I’ve felt that way about numerous things that Sega has introduced which then failed miserably… At the very least the spawn density looks good, though I’m not sure if the layouts are set or random at this time.

Initially there will be three Advance Quests; Forest, Volcano and Desert. These will require their own capsules as has been said, but I wonder if any capsule can drop in any Advance Quest or if they only drop their own?

Pyroxene Weaponry

The first thing to note is that none of the new items use Iritista Rainbow Spellstones. But that’s OK, because unlike the Iritista weapons these ones actually seem to be powerful. Those of you crying WELFARE RARES should probably relax too, because these items require a rare precursor item as well as a large number of stones to acquire. The general exchange pattern is:

  • Precursor rare item + 90 stones

There are three new stones:

  • Wind Stone Vayu
  • Fire Stone Agni
  • Thunder Stone Indra

These can be found in the Advance Quests, so presumably there’s one for each area. Vayu for Forest, Agni for Volcano and Indra for Desert.


Like the previous selection of Pyroxene weapons they all seem to come with Mutation + Attack Ability III, So for each of the stats listed there you’ll need to take away 40 in order to fairly compare them to the currently available weapons. They’re all still at the top of their classes compared to what’s out, which is why the previously cheap precursor items have all soared in price in player shops. That’s one way to keep low-level rares valuable I suppose, though I wonder if that’s such a good thing. On the other hand, it means that finding rares in the lower levels is still potentially worthwhile.

Story Content

During the 5th PSO2 Broadcast on NicoNico a trailer was shown teasing future story content. Embedding below.

As it turns out, all fun times relating to Hadred and pals will be taking place in Chapter 9. There is a side-story, but it’s named “Arks Combat Tournament” and appears to have you going up against Claris Claes and Huey, both of whom are legendary Arks members (with Huey being a member of the Council of Six). I wonder if they’ll be actual boss-fights like Persona and Gettemhalt, or if they’ll simply be something like Arks Clones functionally speaking. Also can’t help but wonder who else this quest will pit you against.

Turns out that blue-haired girl will be about, so she wasn’t some tentative character after all. Here what’s presumed to be Hadred protects her from being attacked by a Kuklonahda
The trailer appears to show you going up against Hadred in the Sphere Arena, but this screen-shot suggests that something else is about to go down. What Darker is about to warp into the arena?

Chapter 9 will be released first on the Vita version, whereas the side story is set to arrive on the PC version first. No information on when the platforms will receive each other’s exclusive quests yet.

Other Things

Longterm Schedule

It was finally posted up, expanding upon the previous roadmap page here. You can find a translated version of it on PSO-World here. I’ve also updated the update schedule on the side of the site here to reflect it.

“Phantom Tower” makes me think of the towers of planet Lilipa. I wonder if that’s a possible hint toward the third area of the planet, despite not adding a field itself? It would be the last planet to gain three areas assuming Amduscia is getting a third. However, it looks like Chrome Dragon + the rare variant are being added without a field. A new field is coming in the “Solemn Guardian” update, but that has its own boss so I have no idea what planet that will end up going to. It also seems that Ultimate won’t be arriving any time soon, with a long-term cap of lv60.

Horrible thought, but that new field better not be hidden behind RNG upon starting an Advance Quest or some bullshit like that…

As a final note, nothing hints towards the arrival of Dewmans as a playable race.


Back to what’s coming up on February 13th, turns out all the outfits that were seen in the data-mined scratch cards are on their way.

lilipascratch01lilipascratch02Wonder how the Lilipan costume will scale with players…

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