Those Who Walk Together: Part 1

happydragonAn update page has been revealed for the next content addition to PSO2. Part of this update will coincide with the release date of the PS:Vita version of PSO2 on the 28th of February, but much of this will be arriving in early March. As with all updates, there is a trailer which I’ll embed below.

New Advanced Quests

The next round of Advanced Quests are coming up, much sooner than I expected. Ok granted, they’re not really adding anything new but that still feels pretty quick.

ss_04_lThis batch of quests seems set to include each planet’s second area; Tundra, Mines and DRAGONLAND respectively. Datamining reveals that the Advance Capsules we’ve been obtaining already will be valid for these quests as well.

Update: Apologies, I got it wrong before. The capsules are in fact arranged so you could do an entire round on one planet if you wanted (or will eventually be able to once the third areas of Lilipa and Amduscia are out)

Advanced Capsule a – Forest, Mines
Advanced Capsule b – Caves, Tundra
Advanced Capsule c – Desert, Floating Continent.

Other than that, I don’t really expect any other surprises with these quests.

While the 2nd batch of Advanced Quests came quickly, the 3rd batch should be a while off. I don’t expect to see those until Amduscia and Lilipa’s third areas are added, inklings of which have been found in the client which I’ll go over in a separate post.

These Advanced Quests will be arriving on the 13th of March.

White Day Lobby and Content

It’s the Valentine’s lobby except it’s blue. From the 6th of March to the 27th it’s the time of year to show your appreciation for the men of PSO2, all 5 of them.

ss_03_lLike Valentines Day there will be an e-quest filled with Code: Attack emergency trials, only the NPCs will be exclusively male instead of exclusively female.

ss_02_lXie will also be making a return, although I can’t comment yet on whether or not her event orders will be worthless.

You Thought You Were Done With This Project:CUTE Bullshit Didn’t You?

universe_scratchWell as you saw above, Xie is sporting the Marie Wind outfit from Phantasy Star Universe. Other outfits are set to arrive with the Universe Star Collection Scratch including Guardians Uniform (male and female) and Emilia Replica.

Yes. ONE outfit for male characters. The Rappy Suit is genderless so that doesn’t really count. This scratch will be available on the 6th of March, during the White Day event. If the developers aren’t going to care about the handful for men in PSO2 how do they expect us to? Edit: Well ok turns out that’s not quite what White Day is all about, but I can still whine about the lack of male clothing there. Heck, the complete lack of Cast parts too.

Chrome Dragon

The Chrome Dragon is coming and the trailer shows us the first glimpse of the boss in action. So far it looks like yet another melee-unfriendly encounter..

chrome_attack_1It seems these red crystals are its signature attack. Notice the Darker particle effects.

chrome_forestChrome Dragon functions like Dark Ragne, Wolgahda, Zeshrayda and Falz Hunar in that it’s a boss that can appear anywhere. Interesting how its effects are all Darker themed with the red particles and such but Chrome is still counted as a dragonkin. It is not a Darker.

Chrome will be encounterable on both platforms from the 28th of February, but Vita users will be the first to encounter it. If a PC user is in a party with a Vita user and a Chrome spawns then it’s also unlocked by the PC user and they can then encounter it randomly. This is how Chrome will spread to the PC userbase. Or it’s how it’s allegedly going to work at least.

Story Quest: Chapter 9

Chapter 9 will be available exclusively for the PS:Vita version at first. In it you will be adventuring with a girl who definitely isn’t Kuna.


Data-mining suggests you can acquire her card, though what the conditions are is unknown.

Story Quest: Arks Battle Tournament

This is a quest in which you get to beat the shit out of Claris Claes. Show her no mercy.

peonpeonpeonpeonpeonpeonMAKE HER STEP ON LEGO.

This quest will be a PC exclusive initially, so PC users will have content that Vita users don’t as well. Data-mining reveals that Claris (and even Huey) will be opponants in this quest as NPC bosses. Think along the lines of Persona (previously known as Masked Man) and Gettemhalt in previous story quests.

Story content will be arriving on the 28th of February.

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