New Areas and other Datamined Tidbits. BIRDBIRDCROW


So the Vita Launch is now underway. With the launch the Chrome Dragon will arrive on both platforms, spreading like a disease among the player-base. Not owning a Vita I can’t say I’m looking forward to this and the additional content this time is just another RNG-driven affair so again it’s hard to get all that excited. The side-story mission, “Arks Battle Tournament” might be fun who knows.

Now a while ago, we were treated to a huge pre-download which contained a lot of the content due in early March. Things like the PSP2 outfits are in there, the upcoming scratch items as well as other things the following section will go into more detail about.

As always, this is speculation based on data-mined content which means that there is no guarantee that the things that were found will ever be released.

New E-Trials: Fortress Assault and Turret Defense

The last of these two sounds pretty obvious, I have no idea what Fortress Assault could involve. There’s nothing in PSO2 that I can think of that would resemble a fortress of any kind (with the exception of the mobile fortress named Big Vardha).

New Planet?

OK, this is a bit more technical given that there is almost no information about this in the client itself other than one of its areas being “coast” and that a boss arena is being created for it. It’s presumed to be a new planet due to the naming conventions used for areas within the client (a four digit number to be precise).

Nothing in the long term schedule mentions a new planet being added, so it’s possible this won’t show up for months.

newareateaseThis image was teased in a recent blog post by Sakai, but he wasn’t specific about what type of area that it is. The accepted theory based on the fact that it has an icon similar to a room-change ticket is that it’s a new kind of Team Room. Chances are then that this isn’t the “coast” area set on a new planet. There was a great deal of speculation that this would turn out to be Gal De Val Islands but that is stunningly unlikely.

New Fields

The old planets are due for some loving too, with the addition of third fields for both Amduscia and Lilipa. Something that was sort of presumed would happen for some time now.

Amduscia’s third area is internally known as “DragonSanctuary”. Little is known about the area other than the internal names of enemies that inhabit the field. DragonChariot, DragonChariotVanguard, DragonChariotRearGuard (presumably componants of a singular enemy), DragonSummoner, DragonSummonerIllusion, DragonFlyRaptor (a flying Deeg!) and DragonHammerA. Some fairly dramatic sounding things among them, but more importantly these don’t sound like they’ll be re-coloured versions of the Dragonkin enemies found on the Floating Continent.

Lilipa’s third area is internally known as… Lilipa3. There is literally no information about this field beyond that. Can speculate that this will be set in the towers that spike the planet’s surface at least but this has been my thought for ages now, so it’s a shame that nothing’s confirmed it.

New Enemies

As well as the new enemies listed above, some enemies that currently don’t belong to any field were unearthed. BirdSoldier, BirdBirdCrowA and Cougar. The Cougar could potentially be a collaboration with Border Break.

As for BirdSoldier and BirdBirdCrowA, those are up in the air (heh). It could be an entirely new species of enemy on the new planet, or it could be something that belongs to Lilipa’s third area. It could be none of the above, because beyond names there is no information about them.

New Weapon Types

Compound Bows and Katanas. Teching-types have no upcoming weapons so far.

Compound Bows appear to be able to inflict Weak Bullet, Panic Shot and Bind Bullet. Bows were a weapon type in PSU where they were entirely outclassed by Rifles. In PSO2 the Compound Bow’s niche could somply be an accurate long-ranged but slow firing weapon, lacking the spread of all other ranged weapons.

Katanas are a surprising weapon category to see, not least because the other weapon categories already have a number of katanas. They were a weapon category in PSO but they were effectively Sabers with a different animation. Given that Sabers appear to have been merged with Pistols in PSO2, I doubt this pattern will repeat itself. It leaves Katanas as a bit of a mystery for now though, somewhat deepened by the sheer number of effects associated with their photon arts so far.

Now new weapon types also possibly imply new classes. If not that then the question becomes which classes will inherit these weapon types? Where will their gear skills go on their respective trees?

While teching types have no additional weapon so far, the common assumption is that it will be Slicers (based on Phantasy Star Zero).

Again, there is no mention of new weapon types on the long-term schedule so these are likely to stay curiosities for some time.

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