Dragon Altar: Amduscia’s Third Field

akiquartzSo during the 6th NicoNico broadcast the next field to be added was revealed. Dragonsanctuary is its internal name, “Dragon Altar” its actual name.This field will be arriving some time in April.

Embedding the teaser for the content below, uploaded to Youtube by Ayasane.

daltarThe field is all cube-y, much like Chrome Dragon’s arena. The Dinians have a real thing for cubes. The architecture also reminds me a little of Asuran architecture from Guild Wars 2.

The data-mining revealed some new enemies, so what did they turn out to be? Well some names are easier to match to pictures than others. There are no official names for any of the enemies just yet (not even icons in the client).

dragonsummoneraDragonsummoner is probably the easiest, as it’s explicitly summoning something in the video itself. This fat-ass Dinian sits on his chair, shielded by energy and summons a Vol Dragon. Or is it a Vol Dragon? The likely suspect is that it’s actually “DragonSummonerIllusion”, but I expect it’ll behave roughly the same as a real Vol Dragon anyway. Wonder if he can also summon a Quartz?

dragongladiatorChrome is not the boss of the third area, as was suspected from looking ahead on the longterm schedule. Given how the dragon appears to have a sword protruding from its wing and the wings themselves resemble shields, this could be “DragonGladiator”.

flying_deegFlying Deegs! This is “DragonFlyRaptor”, ascertained from the fact that Deeg’s internal name is “DragonRaptor”.

fordcannonThe rest at less easy to place. We have what seem to be slight remodels of Fordransa but with different AI as well as a version that has twin cannons instead of horns. These could be the DragonChariots but I wouldn’t be able to call which is which. Plus we only see two of them and there are three DragonChariot entries.

dhammermaybeThe scorpion-like enemies shown at the start could be DragonHammerA but I’m guessing at this point.


The field looks nice, the new bosses look nice and the enemies look alright too. Yeah, one of them is a re-skin but at least the AI is clearly different. Let’s be fair here, it’s an improvement over Floating Continent which gave us two new enemies and a boss and about 6 re-skins with no AI adjustment at all….

This field will also put us up to four dragons, but let’s also be fair here. Each dragon so far has been nothing like the other dragons, so it’s hardly a repeat of Phantasy Star Universe’s “same boss but different element” scenario. It is also a planet populated entirely by dragons, so it’s not exactly unfitting either.

If nothing else, it’ll be a welcome change to have new content that isn’t hidden behind RNG mechanics.


As you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been able to keep up with information as its been coming out. Unfortunately, I’ve not been at all well these last 2 months and it doesn’t seem I’ll be getting better any time soon. The times where the symptoms are less bad are the times I need to carefully prioritise things and my studies must come first. This leaves almost no time to update this blog or work on other projects that I’ve been wanting to do. It’s not like this was the main source for PSO2 news anyway really, but I still feel bad that I haven’t been able to keep up so please accept my apologies.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Altar: Amduscia’s Third Field”

  1. Was going to post this a while ago but I forgot to,
    I like reading your thoughts on the new updates and you usually pick up on things that may be missed.

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