gimme_some_o_thatSo the first part of the pre-download is up, which means data-mining time of course. This post will cover that as well as look ahead to content not buried in places people probably shouldn’t be going.


Announced a while ago as part of the “Illusory Onslaught” update arriving on the 15th of May, Extreme Quests will take the place of Advanced Quests as the highest level content in the game with enemies starting at lv60 (the highest level obtainable within Advanced Quests). Sega does seem to be feeling pressured to release content for high-end players, not that there’s anything particularly wrong with this.

XPASSLike Advanced Quests there’s an arbitrary cost involved, this time in the form of EXTREME PASSES. You can receive one EXTREME PASS a day from the quest counter. I’m wondering if it’s an actual item or a flag of some sort? If it’s the former, will you be able to simply log in and grab a pass, stockpiling them for when you feel like running the quest? If it’s the latter, or there’s some system in place to make sure you never have more than one pass at a time, I wonder if you’ll be able to keep a pass from one day, run the quest on the next and acquire another pass on that same day? I would see nothing wrong with players stockpiling passes, myself. I mean after all, they’re still gonna have to log in once a day which while boring for the players is good for the host, surely?

EXTREMEExtreme Quests take place in the previously mentioned “tower” content, which was renamed “difficultquest” some time ago. The quest is split into floors, as you would expect, and is initially going to be released with 40 floors. Unfortunately, a daily pass will only allow you access to 5 floors at a time. It seems once you’ve beaten some floors those floors are unlocked for good however, so you can use your ticket presumably on any of the groups of 5 available (starting at 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, 31 or 36). This means that it will take a player 8 days to unlock the entire tower. These limitations sound pretty irritating overall to me. Players are already limited to one attempt per day, do they really need to restrict the floor count so severely too? I mean, of course I’m ignorant here, I don’t really know how long a given floor will take to clear and I certainly don’t know how difficult the quest is nor how rewarding it may be.

xq_item_retrievalLike other quests you can obtain items during it. Shocking. Only here they’ve had the brilliant idea of teasing you with the items by adding them to a “virtual list”. At the end of the quest you can choose which items from this list you want, but there’s a cost involved; The number of items you can claim is related to the number of Stage Orders you manage to clear in a run. I can’t wait for the scenario where I get one of the new 11* items only to be denied it due to my connection dropping. There is a note that a mechanic is present that will guarantee players get rare items eventually, even if none drop, but the details are so scant that it’s not worth commenting on.

So those are my thoughts on the upcoming EXTREME QUESTS. How EXTREME they are remains to be seen, as is how rewarding they will be. Both of these factors will contribute to just how annoying it will be to have the quests be so severely restricted.

Towards The Future

So yeah, filthy filthy data time. Although for now it’s just largely new references that exist within the client.

New enemies were added, namely:


A selection of robot enemies, presumably belonging to the as-yet unannounced “Lilipa3” area, which still doesn’t have a name. The MachineC* selection of enemies may be a new boss or miniboss. Not much at all is known about any of these aside the likelyhood of MechaMineCustom being a version of the robots that Big Vardha spawns (Kindidd). That to me makes it more likely that they belong to Lilipa3 as opposed to the “seabed” area, never mind that that area is likely further down the line.
MarineDog (“Water Shark”)

Now these enemies may belong to “coast” or “seabed”, it’s not clear. I’m just assuming that the coast area will be populated by the previously mentioned birdwarriors and their variants, primarily. Wonder if “MarineFlower” will turn out to be an enemy like PSO’s Poison Lilys? Related to this the planet these two areas belong to seems to be named “Vorpal” (or Vopal).

It also appears that a rare variant of Goronzoran is going to be added at some point. Exactly why this variant isn’t out already is a bit mysterious, though no different to why it took so long for Dargash Nero to be released I suppose.

New Difficulty Level

So the new difficulty level has a name. Is it Ultimate? Not quite! Is it Super Hard? Close! It is in fact, “Super Very Hard”. For now. Ultimate is one level higher than that, so it will be coming eventually. Players who are disappointed in the difficulty progression so far may like to hear that at least some enemies will be getting new abilities on Super Very Hard. Hopefully this is true for the majority of enemies.

Remember, as this is data-mined content there is no guarantee that this represents their state on release nor does it guarantee the content listed here will even be added. Names, plans and minds can all change, after all.

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