More Extreme Quest Stuff

barkSo now I’ve actually gotten to play them I can share some extra thoughts on this quest type.


Let’s start on a high, cause I’ll be honest there’s a lot about this quest type that’s disappointing to me. The floor conditions are kind of fun. They get you to play the game in a way you wouldn’t normally while giving at least some reward for it, as well as testing your knowledge about the game to a degree (in particular with enemy mechanics and breakable parts).

Another nifty thing about them is it seems that the drop rate of exchange weapons for Advanced Quest shops is decent, which is of course helpful as those weapons are still quite powerful.

Meseta drops in Extreme Quests are quite significant, enough so that it’s actually worth using meseta boosting tickets finally.

Finally, a handy thing to know is that the selectable floors are determined by the leader and what they’ve unlocked. So you don’t need to worry about leaving friends behind if they don’t happen to be about.


I can’t say I’m all that impressed so far. The floors themselves are extremely short, some ending before the announcer even gets to explain the floor’s conditions. Given you only get 5 floors per day a given day’s worth of Extreme Questing will last you at best around 5 minutes. I was expecting floors to be waves of monsters, with E-trials and conditions throughout, not what is usually a single spawn of enemies..

These virtual items will go to a virtual inventory. At the start of each floor you can look at the items you’ve accumulated and at the end you can choose which ones you want to keep. The number of items you get to keep depends on how successful you are at clearing Stage Orders.

In the previous post I talked about how the 11* weapons would need 13,500 Crimson Fragments in order to obtain them. As it turns out the drop rate of fragments is pretty abysmal. Now don’t go getting me wrong, I hardly expected to have 1000s per day for what are currently the strongest weapons in the game. Of course not. However, you’ll be lucky to get any significant amount of fragments. I ran from floor 1 to floor 30 and I got 48 fragments. Sounds decent until you remember that that equivalent of six days worth of runs.  It averaged out to something in the region of 8 fragments for me, but my team mates weren’t so lucky with one member getting an average of 3 per run. With a requirement of 13,500 for one weapon, you’re not looking at weeks or a couple months’ worth of play you’re looking at multiple years of runs(or 4.6 years’ worth if my average kept up). In fact, if every monster in the quest was guaranteed to drop a fragment you’d still be looking at over a year to obtain one weapon. Now of course you can’t make these weapons too easy to obtain, but for goodness sake at those timescales the weapons won’t even be relevant by the time you can get one. 12*s and beyond will be out by then.

Now, as it happens Crimson Ores can drop during the quest and you’re allegedly guaranteed 3 Ores on completion of the 40th floor (although one of my team-mate’s experience contradicts this as they received no Ores whatsoever). You still need 150 Ores for a weapon and even if it were guaranteed to get 3 Ores on the 40th floor remember that you only get to clear 5 floors per day and you’re reset to floor 1 when you clear the final floor. That means you’re guaranteed 3 Ores every 8 days. At that rate it would take you 400 days at the most to get one weapon. Once again, I imagine by that time the weapon will no longer be relevant.

Of course, you can also apparently find the Heart Key Spellstones themselves and you only need 5 of them. I can’t imagine the drop rate of those is going to be terribly good though. You could get even luckier and obtain an 11* as a drop, but I wouldn’t count on it.

It doesn’t really matter how you break it down, the grind that Sega appears to be asking you to perform in order to obtain 11* weapons is far beyond reasonable. It doesn’t help that in the end they’re not even much of an improvement over the 10* weapons you can obtain from Advanced Quests.

I don’t know, maybe I’m not seeing the bigger picture here. Maybe I’m being floored by the numbers involved and failing to see what I’m really meant to be doing in order to obtain these items or even what the actual purpose of Extreme Quests are. All I know is at the moment the grind to obtain 11*s is basically an impossible task and that Extreme Quests seem to be at least decent ways to earn some Meseta and obtain some exchange items for Advanced Quest 10* items. In that light they’re just about worth running, but don’t plan on ever seeing an 11* item.

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