PSO2’s First Event – 12th June

goodbye_cruel_worldSo seems like we are getting an event after all, details of which were posted up on an official update page here. The First Thanks Festa is set to start on the 12th of June and ends on the 10th of July. This update comes with a trailer, as is the tradition now. As is also tradition, I will be embedding the video below.

This post will be talking about the event itself and content surrounding it. I already talked about the outfits before so I’ll just leave my opinion at “males get screwed”, Also no one cares about Kuna.

I was beginning to think it was going to be limited to the offline Arks GP event for a while, which if you don’t know is just a time attack contest being held at various venues across Japan. For the online side of the event we’re getting is reminiscent of the type of event that Phantasy Star Universe used to get, complete with a time-limited quest and a points mechanic to unlock panels which will grant server-wide bonuses.panels If you never played Phantasy Star Universe, events there had point systems. Generally, points would be earned by either killing monsters, completing quests or picking up certain items during the quest. These points would be tallied throughout the event and would unlock panels such as “2 Weeks of Grind Success +10%” or “Pointy Stick for all!”. At the end of the event all players would benefit from boosted grinding odds and everyone would have a Pointy Stick in their warehouses. Points could also unlock extra aspects of the event, such as new paths within a quest or even new quests. So how will you be able to contribute points to benefit your fellow player? Bingo.


Yes, Bingo. You don’t know what Bingo is? Well you have this card and a fat guy calls out numbers with hilarious catchphrases such as “lovely legs 11” and if you match numbers on your card in various patterns you’ll get a Bingo and win yourself a tin of peaches or something. Well it’s sort of like that only without numbers or tins of peaches.

BINGOEffectively, Bingo Cards in PSO2 are just randomly generated Matter Boards in functionality. Each part will have a goal to fill out and just like in Bingo if you get a line connecting two opposite sides or corners you win stuff. Completing Bingo Cards will also contribute points towards unlocking panels in the event.

It’s different I guess. For one thing it does mean that a player can potentially contribute to the event without really having to alter their playing style much. It’s more interesting than tallying points per kill during a specific quest at least, but whether it’s any fun or not depends entirely on the execution. The goals of the card’s “nodes” could be completely unreasonable, but I don’t personally expect they will be.

Chaotic Border Break

Remember all those bosses you caught in Code: Capture events? They got loose.

During the event a new quest will be available. Set in the city, players will be pitted against a wide selection of enemies, including Vol Dragon, De Malmus, Zeshrayda and even Persona. This is a part of the Border Break Collaboration event, which happens to be occuring at the same time as the Thanks Festa. You can find more details about the collaboration at Bumped here.

A multi-party area points-based quest, though unlike previous ones it ends with a boss in an arena. Not just any boss at that..


It ends on a battle with Cougar NX. Datamining shows there is a rare version of Cougar NX, which presumably will be the one that will drop the SW-Teardowner Sword-Camo (weapon skin). In fact a commenter on this blog, oOSAROo, posted a render of what may be the rare variant here.


A new e-trial can also turn up during the quest. Named “Burning Angel” the E-trial pays tribute to Burning Rangers by requiring players to put out fires and rescue survivors. Above image taken from this post. Update: Apologies, this is a part of a separate quest it seems, called “Arks Ship Catastrophe”, an unrelated emergency quest.

Could be a fun quest to run, certainly. Reminds me a bit of the recent Emergency Quest, “With Wind and Rain”, with its large selection of bosses. Of course, I have no idea if they’ll be all that frequent in this quest and there’s a chance the map may be randomly generated. Given that the quest will be up during the entirety of the event I also suspect I’ll end up getting sick of it like I did with Phantasy Star Universe event missions.

Towards the Future

So this may well be the last update that PSO2 Episode 1 will get, given that speculation is that Episode 2 will be out by July 17th, one week after the event ends. This is based on the release date of the 2nd Premium Package which Shougai PSO talked about.

Meanwhile, there will be a livestream that may well talk about details of Episode 2 on the 9th of June. Not much point tuning in unless you have a NicoNico subscription however, so best wait for recordings to show up as usual. Details at Bumped.

More imminently is there is another pre-patch due, with the first part going up tonight. Weighing in at 835MB, there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing something new in the data. Or the first part will consist entirely of files that we already have that’ve been slightly altered… again.

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