Tidbits: Campaigns, Boost Days and Persona Soul

pokeIt’s pre-patch time! Last night the first part of the pre-download went up, weighing in at 835MB. On the 10th of June, the 497MB second part will become available.

Campaigns & Boosts

New campaigns are up. Matterboard Campaign 3, Client Order Campaign 11 and Advanced Quest Campaign 3.

We’re also getting three more boost days, which I can only apologise for not mentioning the first round of them. Just managed to miss them, whoops. Well these are the days and their associate boosts, including the remainder of the current round:

  • 6th June – 50% Rare Drop Boost
  • 10th June – Meseta Drops Boosted by 200%
  • 11th June – 50% EXP Boost
  • 14th June – 50% Rare Drop Boost

All of them occur on those dates from 0:00 to 24:00 JST. You can stack booster items on top of these, so might be a good time to use them!


Unfortunately not much in the way of data so far, however some things to note:

The Burning Rangers E-trial is separate to the Chaotic Border Break quest. Updated the previous post to reflect this but it bears repeating. It’s part of a new Emergency Quest named “Arks Ship Fire Swirl” (aka Arks Ship Calamity). Whether or not this is also going to be temporarily available I don’t know. I have a feeling it’ll behave like a seasonal Emergency Quest but I don’t recall it being said anywhere.

Both Chaotic Border Break and Arks Ship Fire Swirl have Client Orders associated with them. Client Orders for an Emergency Quest, yikes.

There are new souls, namely Persona Soul (30 R-def, 2 PP and 20 HP) and presumably Cougar Soul (15 S-atk, 15 R-atk, 15 T-atk, 15 Dex, 2 PP and 20 HP) . Really, now? Affixes that are only available during an event? Wonderful.

Additional Appearance Pieces

Some scratch images were also found among others things, which were shared in this thread on PSO-World. Only gonna mention the more.. interesting new stuff briefly though.

scratch_01What we have here is the return of the summer yukatas seen last July, only of course with new colour variants. Additionally there’s a port of Gokoh Baori and Yoshino Tefura. There’s something else being shown here and I’m not talking about the girl in the Yoshino Tefura giving a horrible smile.

stockingsThose are not a part of the outfit! That is in fact a new body paint, one amongst many on their way:

bodypaintsClearly it was imperative that girls needed more stockings to play with.

There is another Scratch card image that shows of.. err..

scratch_02Dgfdghjk;llk what?!



That horrifying thing is displaying just one of a few new eye styles that are set to be added to the client at some point it seems. Heres the current selection:


Really don’t get the star-eyes. The 3rd one reminds me of eyes that Beasts had in Phantasy Star Universe, but I mean they’re really just modeled after a cat’s eyes..

As always, this is data-mined content. As such, the things displayed here may be different when they’re actually added to the game and theres always a chance some things may never be added at all.

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