Episode 2: New Photon Arts


Thanks to Manta Oyamada of PSO2UP for sharing this on YouTube, which is a video from the Thanks Festa live event apparently. Embedding below.

The video was removed. This is in response to Sega warning users not to show any unreleased content.

Photon Arts

We have the names of a few of these new photon arts. Listing them in the order they appear in the video, with names if they have them.

New Photon Arts

  • Kreisenschlag (Gunslash)
  • Deadly Circle (Double Sabers)
  • Bloody Sarabande (Twin Daggers)
  • Heel Stab (Twin Machineguns)
  • Backhand Smash (Knuckles)
  • Unnamed (Partizan)
  • Wired Round (Wired Lance)
  • Unnamed (Rifle)
  • Unnamed (Sword)
  • Unnamed (Launcher)


New Technics

  • Zanverse
  • Nagrants
  • Nazonde
  • Nabarta
  • Nafoie
  • Namegid


Thanks to EspioKaos and Agrajag for help translating these and Qwerty for letting us know that a Sarabande is a thing.

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