3rd August Stream – GIANT ENEMY DORF

The latest live PSO2 broadcast just ended. It was nearly 5 hours of material I didn’t care about at all to get to the only bit I did care about; the reveal of the new field.

I’ve been up for nearly 24 hours now so I’ll not be sharing thoughts until after I’ve slept, however I can at least share a gallery of shots taken from the stream. Naturally expect compression artifacts and general low quality. Thrown in shots from the 3rd part of the Episode 2 update, which will likely have its own official upload soon enough. If the other trailers and reveals don’t get official uploads, there’ll doubtlessly be unofficial ones soon enough.

If you missed the broadcast, there’s an upload of the actual new stuff they showed off on NextTime000’s TwitchTV channel here. 

Anyway, gallery time!

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