Some of the information on this blog is likely out of date by now.

I no longer have the time to maintain the site so I can’t keep information here up to date any more. As such, some guides may no longer be relevant due to system changes within the game. If you found this site through Google looking for PSO2 information you’re err.. may be better off looking elsewhere for some things.

As I can’t really update any more I figure it’s fair to warn people about the plausibility of things having gone out of date.

If you’re looking for the unofficial English patch, go to

If you’re looking for up to date news, is still going strong.

If you’re looking for information about when the official English version of the game is being released, then.. well… how best to put this. You’re probably never going to find that information out.

The links on the side should still be mostly relevant to your needs.   ——————–>

Good luck and happy PSO2ing!

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