Super Hard Advance Quests


Grind the quest while you grind your character in a new tier of an already existing quest type, pitting players against monsters from lv66 to lv70.

The new tier of Advance Quest comes with a new tier of Capsules (d, e and f) and a new tier of Pyroxenes, Large Pyroxenes (yeah really). At least six more inventory slots gone! Ah well, kind of expected it. The future is no brighter either with each new one they release having its own new Large Pyroxene and with 6 more yet to be upgraded… AND there is also the prospect of Coast, Quarry and Seabed having both Super Hard and regular versions, bringing it up to a total potential of 18 additional slots eaten up.

So what new things can you obtain with these Large Pyroxenes anyway?

Um… yeah. Palette swapped versions of weapons we already have. This is unfortunate for two reasons, firstly it’s a pretty nasty indicator of laziness and second it means that Braver still may have no weapons it can obtain via Advance Quest exchanges.

This is because Forest, Caves and Desert are the only three that are being released initially and none of those currently offer Braver weapons. Yes we wouldn’t want too much content coming out at once, would we? Ok, sure, it’s hard to feel too sad for Braver given its current flavor-of-the-month status it enjoys, but it still seems strange to me that the class has been out for so long and yet still has no means to obtain weapons through Pyroxenes. Note that it is currently the only class that suffers for this right now (although Fighter still has no way to get a Double Saber without obtaining a 10* via luck or cash either…)

As Sega is going to be releasing these in threes YET AGAIN I can’t help but wonder how long it’s going to be before Braver finally gets any exchange weapons from it. As I assume we have to go through the rest of the Advance Quests first, it’s going to be at least 2 updates before we find out. And when they add Coast, Quarry and Seabed Super Hard Advance Quests I wonder if any of the Braver weapons will require 9* weapons? If not then it’s still nothing a player can work toward, which would kind of suck!

Oh, while on that point, the Super Hard Advance Quests may drop 11* weapons. That’s all fine, but it seems that the exchange items themselves are still 10*. Not a huge deal, but this game sure does have an awful lot of 10* weapons now…

So what about the old Advance Quests?

Well it seems they will be kept at least marginally relevant. The old tier of Pyroxenes can be exchanged for the new tier at a rate of 100:1 and the old Advanced Capsules can be exchanged for the new ones at a rate of 10:1 . Of course as you need 10 of the new capsules for one run of a Super Hard Advance Quest you will need a total of 100 of the old capsules per run,

You can also exchange the old Pyroxenes directly for EXcubes at a rate of 500:1. This seems absurdly high given you can exchange 90 of them and a 9* weapon for an equivalent trade. However, some Pyroxene types only have 10* items that can be exchanged with them, which really only leaves you with the option of either up-grading them to Large Pyroxenes or dumping them into EXcubes. However, are you really going to be running the old Advance Quests enough to make a reasonable supply like that? Have to wait and see for sure but I doubt it somehow.

Final Thoughts

Maybe I’m just plain masochistic, I don’t know, but I find I actually like running Advance Quests so to have them with Super Hard AI is at least tantalizing for me. The incentives for running them are difficult to gauge with the current lack of information on the new tier of Pyroxene 10*s and no knowledge of the 11* drop rates (which I expect to be close to near non-existent still, they are the next-to highest tier of weapons after all).

What I really don’t appreciate is the drip-feeding we have going on here. This is so barely new content that it almost defies belief. This makes the fact they’re drip-feeding it even more painful, but  it seems it’s a tactic they’re going to keep on using for at least the next few months. I anticipate a pretty lackluster Summer for PSO2 if this is an indicator of what’s to come.

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