Towards the Future: New Fields and Enemies


It’s time to look ahead once again, at the things that will be and the things that MAY be as well. With the road-map starting to run dry we enter more into unknown territory.

As always, anything regarding data-mined information is to be treated as speculation as it is content that may never make it into the live game or drastically change before it does.

As the name suggests, this post will only have a ponder at the upcoming fields and enemies, both announced and otherwise.


At current, there are three known fields that have yet to be released, with only one being on the current road map.


Remember that big ship you’re not allowed on that’s at the heart of the ARKS fleet? Yeah well seems you’ll be going there at some point.

In what form this field will be accessible in is somewhat unknown. Will it be restricted to story mode? Will it be yet another Emergency Quest or will it be a brand new accessible field complete with Arks Quests and Free Field? As far as I am aware, this hasn’t been confirmed anywhere in any capacity, but please correct me if there is information to say otherwise. Certainly the trailer suggests that it’s story-only.

As a bit of trivia, this is the third field of the Arks Ship “planet”, with the other two being Urban and Darker’s Den.


This is the first unannounced potential new field. The name would strongly suggest it belongs to Wopal, if it wasn’t for the code confirming it. Aside from the internal name however, nothing is known about the field.


Like water3, pretty much nothing is known about this field. Internally, the pair of the fields are essentially blank archives. Seems SEGA’s been wiser to the efforts of datamining lately!

What’s significant about castletown is that the code for it indicates that it belongs to an as-yet unannounced planet. Which I suppose would be fitting, I mean water3 would bring Wopal up to 3 fields, in line with the rest of the planets. So it’s not entirely unexpected that if they were to add additional fields beyond that, a new planet would appear for them.

Not exactly sure what to expect from this. My first thoughts are of course of a medieval setting of sorts, on a planet currently going through its dark ages which could be cool. But then, being born European I might well assume that from the name “castle”. It could refer instead to Japanese themed castles, or it could as well just be a map that very vaguely resembles something like a castle.

Should this really be the next planet, we won’t know when it’ll turn up until the next road map is out I would imagine. At the rate they’re currently adding fields it could be some time before we see it!

New Enemies

Well, only three new enemies have been officially announced of sorts.. Seen in two separate trailers.

Bird Falz!

chrome 3/4/2014 , 2:15:26 PM FireswordMRM - Twitch - Google Chrome

Falz Angel! Presumably the first form of the Bird variety of Dark Falz.

This is presumably DPBirdHuman that we saw in the 17th broadcast. I anticipate that it’ll be encountered first in Story Mode before it’s unleashed into the general game, as was the case with Dark Falz Hunar.

chrome 4/1/2014 , 3:40:49 PM FireswordMRM - Twitch - Google Chrome

This guy has had no nameplate shown for it so far. Some of us are guessing that this is BirdOwl internally due mostly to its er.. roundness. This trailer suggests that the boss is part of the 12-man quest arriving some time in May. Like Falz Angel, it seems to have a lot of technic-based attacks.


This is presumably the final form of bird Falz. If the 12-man quest works like Falz Arms and Falz Elder, then I wonder that we’re going to have to fight “BirdOwl” in order to unlock a go at it? So far, this form hasn’t been revealed outside of a trailer.

Mr Bowan

Internally known as “JackBox”. This seems to be another enemy along the same veins as Mr Umblla, Mesetan and Tagamikazuchi, an ultra rare enemy. Like Umblla, it has its own unique Emergency Code, “Joker”.

It looks more like a Djinn rising from its magic lamp than a Jack in the Box but oh well!
It looks more like a Jinn rising from its magic lamp than a Jack in the Box but oh well!


Defeating him will grant you a 300% rare drop boost for a limited time.

Other Enemies

Aside that, we have varying NPC enemies in the shape of  ZHu1, ZHu2, ZRa1, ZRa2, ZFo1, ZFo2, O, M, R, F, K_GS, K_TH. The Z** range I’m pondering may be enemies encountered in the Oracl field, as the trailer does suggest that a number of ARKS get brain-hacked by Luthor (the Z is for Zombie!). The rest, I’m going to leave up to speculation, as it could well be spoilers. Not bothered by spoilers? Then highlight the next bit of text:

The O, M and R enemies could be Ohza, Marlur and Risa, the three class trainers. This would leave out Azanami, as there is no language in which her name starts with an F. The only other possibility I can think of would be Fourier. K_TH is likely Theodore, who has gone a little off the edge since being turned into a Dewman. K_GS is less certain, I don’t know who that could be at this point. 

Aside that, we have Ladybird, BirdBat and BirdBatRare.


Well that’s about all that’s known for now. While this is data-mined information and of course does not represent future content, I think it’s reassuring that there is evidence they’re working on things they have yet to reveal.

Sadly, no new time-attacks or quest types indicated in the data at least…

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