Under the SEA: Extracted Names from PSO2 SEA



Some prelimnary data-mining has taken place on the upcoming South-East Asia version of PSO2, which is due to start its Closed-Beta soon.

Many of these names concern unreleased content on the SEA servers and as such may change before they’re released. Some names may well just be a first-pass effort and haven’t been cleaned up or checked by editors. Regardless, let’s list some of the more significant ones!

I’ve chosen to list a few which remained the same just because. This is by no means a complete list of all the names in the client. There are a few inconsistencies with names in various places as well (where for example a Client Order may spell an enemy name differently to its appearance elsewhere).


Force = Wizard
Techter = Techer
Braver = Samurai

Class Mechanics

Technic/Technique = Magic


Talis = Deck


Scape Doll = Self Revival Kit

Area Names

Forest = Greenscape
Caverns = Cauldron
Desert = Lost Sea
Tundra = White Summit
Tunnels = Underworks
F.Cont = Skyscape

Other Area Names

Terioto = Ter’Jotr

Race Names

Deuman = Deuman


Shifta = Amplify
Deband = Shield
Resta = Heal
Anti = Purify

Photon Arts

Surprise Dunk = Ambush Slam
Speed Rain = Sudden Squall

Planet Names

Lilipa = Lilipur

Other Areas

My Room = My Quarters

NPC Names

Affine = Afin
Klotho = Chroto
Hans = Hans
Gettemhult = Guntram
Revelle = Lavere
Kressida = Cressida
Lottie = Lotty
Rubelt = Ruberto
Franka = Franca
Azanami = Azanami
Fourier = Fourier
Amelin = Emeline
Quna = Kuhna
Kasra = Casra
Patty and Teia = Pati and Tia
Ohza = Oza
Risa = Risa
Astarte = Ashtalt
Ro Kamits = Ro’Kamiz


Darkers = D-Arkers
Kuklonahda = Quchronada
Cyclonehda = Cycloneda
Kartagot = Carthago
Krahda = Krada
El Ahda = El Arda
Breeahda = Briarda
Ga Wonda = Gawonda
Gu Wonda = Guwonda
Micda = Micta
Ol Micda = Ahl Micta
Krabahda = Crabarda
Dahgasg = Dhargash
Dicahda = Dekarda
Predicahda = Bredicarda
Bleu Ringahda = Bru Ringarda
Falz Hunar = Falz Hunar

Other Enemies

Ford’ran = Fordran
Sparzyle = Spazile
Signo Gun = Signogan
Guardine = Gardeen
Yede = Yedi
Phongalhpur = Phangalphur
Bal Rodos = Bal Lodos
Fjorgalla = Fiolgara
Aculpus = Acklepus
Rogbelt = Lhagbelts
Varder Soma = Vaadasoma/Vardha Soma(!)
Embryo Varder = Embryo Vardha(!)
Deegnatz = Deegnacht
Caterdraal = Caterdrahl
Burn Draal = Burn Drahl
Mi Micda = Mee Micta
Dal Malri = Dal Malre
Banther Oran/Elena = Banse Oran/Elna
Signo Blue = Signo Blue
Tranzexia = Tranzexia
King Varder = King Varder
Dark Agrani = Dark Agrahni
Banther Ong = Banse Ang
Banther Donna = Banse Dona
Alonagahda = Aronagarda
Crys Draal = Crys Draal
Rishrayda = Rigshraider
Zoron Goraal = Zolon Gorahl
Noir Draal = Nowal Drahl

Enemy Types

Lilipa Mechs = Automata
Dragonkin = Dragonii/Dragorii
Oceanid = Neptunian

Other Natives

Lilipan = Lagomite

Environmental Stuff

Shell Flower = Fusillade Flower
Darchyme = Darchyme/D-arkeim
Funji = Fhan-Jee
Gel Wulff = Gel Bulf

Emergency Code

Arrest = Hunt
Avoid = Evasion
Present = Gift
Attack = Assault
Protection = Defense
Collect = Collection

Other User Interface Stuff

Good Job = Thumbs Up

I made a mark against the pair of Vardhas listed because that name is precisely the one that the English Patch team came up with. While that could be coincidence, this has occurred before with enemy lists inside the data-mined alpha PSO2es client a while ago. Is someone at Sega using the patch themselves, perhaps?

Incidentally Wizard is totally the official name for the Force class now.

I also like the name “Lagomite”.

Credit goes to Agrajag for digging them out and him and Qwerty for going through the names. 

For more information about the SEA version of the game, you can find the official site here and the Facebook page here.

8 thoughts on “Under the SEA: Extracted Names from PSO2 SEA”

  1. Sad. It would be far better to retain the original names as closely as possible, translation permitting, and change only those which it makes the most sense to change. Anything else is doing the existing fans a disservice; Though yet another of these from the horrendous handling of the international deployment of a Phantasy Star series game would come as no surprise at all.

    Oh well, games need to evolve, after all. Hopefully the SEA server will follow a freemium monetisation model, so we at least still have the option to experience this incarnation of the game world before voting with our dollars.

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