Shunka Shunran Nerfed


So yeah, Sega said this was coming and it has finally hit the servers. An attack that did far too much damage and fulfilled to many roles has been reigned in a bit. The important question is by how much? Well according to an image uploaded to twitter, which I shall re-post below, it varies per attack:



The first numbers are the important ones, at least for this post and Shunka Shunran. As you can see, the first 3 hits weren’t really affected all that much, whereas the final hit has had a huge amount lopped off its total damage.

Does this mean idiots will stop spamming this one attack? Of course not, they’re idiots. But seriously, Shunka retains its function as a pretty brainless way to pump out a great deal of damage, it’s just now it doesn’t completely out-shine every other option in many situations. Something to remember is that Katanas actually did have superior options to Shunka in a few situations (Hatou on bosses and  Kanran Kikyou/Kazan Nadeshiko on big crowds for example) and people still spammed Shunka Shunran regardless. Bad players are gonna be bad.

The image also illustrates just how big a buff Gekka and Asagiri both got (triple the damage in the latter case!). As for how usable it’s made them , that I can’t say as I haven’t played katana Braver for ages now. I guess we shall see as new time-attack videos are released.


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