The Future – Near and Far


The limited quest, Chaotic Silence, has arrived! Set in the Mother Ship field and putting players against almost all flavors of enemy. Completing the quest will contribute points towards a total score tracked by the server. These points will contribute to unlocking various bonuses, though it isn’t a panel event like last year. Each week will have a new goal to achieve.

I don’t need to make a post telling about the entire event, as Bumped has already done a fine job of this. This post will instead be dedicated to various curiosities about the event and the recent update (excluding Shunka Shunran as I already talked about that).

This post contains data-mined information. As always. data-mined stuff does not represent how the content may be when it finally arrives on the servers, nor does it in anyway act as confirmation that the content will definitely arrive. Things could change or they could change their minds, after all. 

Bingo Card – Falz Angel and Chickens.

So you completed the first Bingo Card, congratulations! You may soon notice however that one of the nodes requires you to defeat Dark Falz: Angel.


Now hold your horses if you’re thinking you can clear the node early via the story quest; current the only place in the game that Falz Angel can be encountered. Angel is lv60 in the quest and the node requires a lv65+ one.

Nodes B-1 and A-2 are also currently impossible to clear, as neither of the Darker chickens (Doubluné and Doublunda) appear in Chaotic Silence Update: Turns out you can clear these nodes now, it’s just their spawn chance is extremely low it seems.

It seems Angel is going to make their non-Story debut in a new Emergency Quest set to be added late June.

These new icons found in the client could all be drops which belong to Angel. The weapon on the right certainly is, as it is a copy of the Talis-like weapon that Angel uses during the fight.

Thanks Festa Part 2

The first part of the Thanks Festa is the 2nd Anniversary event, which is set to last for some time. The 2nd part of the Thanks Festa will include a new Limited Quest in which it’s expected that Knight Gear will turn up. Knight Gear is presumed to be the enemy that “en_sfc_knightgear” refers to.


This guy right here! Knight Gear from Shining Force: Cross. Frankly I can’t really imagine its aesthetics working so well in a game like PSO2. It certainly doesn’t gel as well as Cougar NX from the previous collaboration!

It kinda resembles the silhouette used as the logo!
It kinda resembles the silhouette used as the logo for the 2nd part of Thanks Festa!

In any case, if speculations are correct then this will be the collaboration boss, set to arrive in the late summer. I expect we may see a confirmation in a broadcast soon…

CastleTown Stuff!

Some new enemies have been uncovered in the client, with the following names:

Mono1OniClub, Mono1OniGun, Mono1EyefootA, Mono1YoroiA, Mono1OniWhite, Mono1Roller

The theory goes that “Mono” in this case has nothing to do with the mono in “Monoeye”, as in we aren’t getting a selection of new cyclops enemies. Instead, it actually could refer to their planet’s name. This is based on the fact that Vopar’s unreleased third area has its enemy named prefaced with a “Wop3”.

So what on earth could “Mono” be short for, for a planet name? I’m drawing a blank here. It doesn’t seem to have any matches among the lesser demons of solomon (to which both Naberius and Amduscia belong). It certainly isn’t short for “Machia”, so it has doubtful links with Phantasy Star: Nova.

“Yoroi” apparently means armor and given Oni is a Japanese word for demon it seems that it’s likely the “castle” in “castletown” refers to a feudal Japanese themed castle, akin to Ohtori from Phantasy Star Portable 2. We’re all headed to planet Japan, maybe!


A while back, some data concerning an area named “UltimateNaberius” surfaced. Really don’t need to stretch that old imagination too far to wonder what that might be indicative of! Seems the next difficulty is gonna be Ultimate, but what’s significant is that, unlike previous difficulties, this one is getting a new area designed for it. Along with that, it’s got some “new” enemies, too:

UltNativeBeast, UltNativeBeastThrower, UltWolfA, UltWolfB, UltWolfARare, UltWolfBRare, UltYetiA, UltYetiB, UltMammothA, UltMammothB

So ultimate versions of Forest and Tundra’s enemies are sneaking into the client as well. Well, at the very least mention of them, nothing beyond that.

For those who may be unaware the first game in the series, Phantasy Star Online,  had the visuals of its areas changed on Ultimate difficulty. Some of the changes were fairly dramatic, at that. Likewise, the enemies were replaced with different models for the most part. This data would indicate that they may be planning to do the same for PSO2.

However, as of right now there is no mention of any additional difficulties, quest types or new fields on the roadmap. So for now the exact when with regard to the arrival of things like “Water3”, “CastleTown”, “ChallengeLobby”, “Myau” (yes the same spelling as a certain cat) and whatnot is currently completely unknown. None of it will be showing up for at least 3 months, it seems.

2 thoughts on “The Future – Near and Far”

  1. Both B-1 and A-2 on the reverse bingo are completable right now in the Limited Quest. It just seems that their spawn rate via Emergency Code is extremely low.

    1. Ah. OK, was pretty much basing that on asking as many people as I could and not one had encountered the chickens. They must be really, really rare at the minute.

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