Calling it Quits


There was a time I enjoyed writing and maintaining this blog, but those days are clearly behind me now. I haven’t posted in nearly a year, but held off from officially calling it “just in case I’d be back”. I don’t think there’s any chance of that now, hence my making this post.

Things change, life changes and my interests have simply moved on from attempting to be some kind of community resource (even if ultimately, it was just my opinions).

It was fun while it lasted. I have fond memories of working on this thing (some less pleasant memories too).

For any regular readers, I apologize I wasn’t able to keep this up in the end. Thankfully, the community continues to have people dedicated to making the game accessible outside of Japan and with keeping the player-base up to date with what’s happening with the game. It frequently is not the nicest community to be a part of, but some aspects of it I’m still enamored with.

As for PSO2 itself? Hm… well, let’s drop some final thoughts for old time’s sake I guess.

One Last Pile of Thoughts

Episode 5 has been a mixed bag for me. Buster Quests and the way the developers have decided to handle progression leave a lot to be desired but the game has seen some great improvements to class play-ability, has introduced some genuinely fun quests and some good fashion as well.

Buster Quests were a clumsy attempt at coming up with an alternative to the Emergency Quest system that I’m sad didn’t work out in the end. This is ultimately a shame, as the Emergency Quest system remains one of my least favorite aspects about the game, like it actively makes the game less enjoyable to play for me.

The way the developers handled the release of Hero was fucking hilarious in the end. Releasing an advanced class system the developers apparently intended the player-base to move on to, but then only release the classes at a rate of one per Episode was one of the stupidest decisions I think I’ve ever seen the developers do. The silver lining to the backlash they got from this however meant that a number of genuinely annoying aspects about how the old classes played got rectified in a series of balance updates. Unfortunately, as part of that they decided to buff everyone’s power rather than reduce Hero’s, which only made the power-creep situation worse.

OK, I’ll admit it, I whined a bit about stone collections back in the day but good lord I think it was preferable to the system of pure RNG nonsense they’ve engineered for the game right now. The Ares NT, Lumiere, Austere NT (a future weapon series requiring you to get Invade NT, Nemesis NT and Slave NT weapons all of which are random drops) and Phobos series are all either themselves RNG or are based on trades that depend on at least one layer of it. I can only assume Collection Files were really unpopular with the player-base or something, because that’s the only reason I can think of for this design shift to go from progression based to pure fucking luck. Whatever the real reason is, this insistence to depend on multiple rolls of dice feels absolutely awful and is something I hope changes in the future.

To be clear on that last paragraph, I’m not saying Collection Files were perfect; the time-sink some of them required was maddening and their temporary nature an unnecessary design choice (except of course when they’re tied to temporary content).

While we do have material storage now, mitigating some of the issues I had with collecting stones back in the day (though it costs Star-gems to purchase…) I also remember how much of a piss they took with that. They’d require you to gather an absurd number of them for how few you’d get from time-gated or randomly available quests. With that all said, both are preferable to depending on pure dumb luck to progress.

Oh and unit affixing is still terrible with no indication that they’re ever actually going to address that aspect of the game.

Anyway, that’s enough vaguely coherent ranting. Despite the issues I have with the game and the way it’s being handled, I still do enjoy playing it. The combat still feels good and I generally like the aesthetics of the game. I’m still interested to see how Episode 5 ends, what the lv90 class skills will end up being,  what’s in store for us with Episode 6 and what the Villain class will be like (if it turns out the data-mining was true!).

Anyway, that really is it. As it has ever been, this is really just my thoughts and feelings on the game. If you disagree, that’s fine! Enjoy the game as you see fit! I know I’ll be trying to as long as I care about it and as long as it’s around (maybe into private servers and beyond, who knows!).

Enjoy, and farewell!


3 thoughts on “Calling it Quits”

  1. This is late, but all i’ll have to say is i’ll miss you a lot. For the average player like me your affixing guide taught me everything i needed to know to build up to what I know now. Love you!

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