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So in case you’re unaware, the PSO2NA beta period has begun. Right now it’s in an intermittent “Closed Beta Test” phase (although the word Closed is doing some legwork there..) and is slated to enter an “Open Beta Test” phase soon. You can find out more about it on their brand new official site here. This may have re-invigorated my interest in covering some things but… well.. this post is going to talk about the future of this fan-site generally.

For those who’ve never seen this blog before; Hello! This is a fan-blog by one guy who is not remotely associated with Sega of Japan, Phantasy Star Crew, Sega of America/Europe or anyone who works for them. It was set up as an independent opinions blog to cover various bits about the original Japanese PSO2 release which dates all the way back to late 2011. Frankly it kind of terrifies me that that was nearly 9 years ago! Aside opinions, this site has also gone over some guides and speculations into future content.

Did It Ever Really Die?

See, while the main blog certainly went silent for the last couple of years I have been keeping the twitter account going in that time; mostly micro-blogging and reporting server maintenance.

During the initial waves of hype around the PSO2NA beta (of which I was absolutely a part!) I gained a small surge in followership but a pretty large boost to activity generally. Even this blog’s traffic raised a fair amount. All the activity seems to be centered around the NA version of the game primarily, so I believe it may be worth it to re-purpose the account around that. Note that I still wish to talk about the Japanese version of the game, but it just may be more useful to have some unofficial NA resources about.

The Main Plan – For Now

While this might be a revival of the blog in a sense, it won’t be the same as it was in the old days. The days of regular giant opinionated semi-news posts are probably done and the primary vector of information is likely to continue to be through Twitter. As such, I expect PSO2Blog to be mostly a micro-blog via Twitter whilst using the blog for longer pieces which are inappropriate for social media.

I don’t expect the posting schedule to be like clockwork, particularly as the contents of my most recent blog post are still kind of true! I have passions now that I didn’t have during this blog’s heyday; I do a lot of art and other creative stuff that’d be inappropriate to promote here but those endeavors are going to remain my primary passion.


In terms of what I’ll actually be covering? Well see, the official site itself has an awful lot of useful information on it as it is. There’s pretty much no point in my covering things that they already do; such as game-play basics, Urgent Quest schedules, news posts.

That said, there’s definitely room for some more in-depth guides on classes, class-subclass combos, gearing, raid bosses, progression paths and elaborations on subjects that the official site either doesn’t fully cover or is straight up incorrect about. There also might be opinion posts and possibly data-mine-y stuff, though that stuff has gotten increasingly difficult to do.

Additionally, I expect to make some posts for any divergences between the Japanese and American versions of the game which might be helpful for anyone wishing to transfer between either version (though primarily from Japanese to American).

Existing Guides

I honestly don’t know what to do about existing guides… Some of them are hugely out of date or are really annoying to check if the information in them is still valid. Additionally, there’s a chance now that people googling issues with PSO2 NA are going to end up landing on one of my guides which is for a different version of the game. So yeah, I’m not sure what to do about these.

The Community

The NA version existing might drastically alter the nature of the PSO2 community! I’ve always liked supporting community efforts to support the game where I can, which is why I have links to other fan sites at the top of my side-bar. That thing is going to need re-organizing, pruning and I may have to add new links to whatever community resources might spring up now.

Towards the Future

So yeah, even if this blog is “back”, it won’t be the same at it was. I expect it to primarily be an extension to the micro-blogging site that is the PSO2blog twitter.

While I may still talk about PSO2JP stuff, it seems like it might be more useful to people to cover the North American version of the game primarily. We’ll see! I’m not entirely certain what’s going to happen here.

Oh also still gonna RT any PSO2 meme-posts I stumble on that amuse me.

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