Datamined Photon Art Info


Along with character base stats, Agrajag of psumods managed to find, extract and format the Photon Art stats. Now, before you go getting excited and leaping in to find out which Photon Arts are now going to rock I’m afraid to say that a good chunk of this data is essentially worthless. Here are some good reasons as to why:

  • Satellite Cannon is slated to have its power reduced. Its current power at lv16 is displayed as 522, its future power is listed as 4436!
  • The old power of 522 is a pretty horrible indicator of just how powerful Satellite Cannon is anyway.
  • The same is essentially true of Ilmegid, Ilgrants and Cosmos Breaker
  • There is often no way to determine what part of the Photon Art the power rating is referring to. Is it the combined power of all parts of the attack or not? Is it referring to the charged or uncharged version?

Essentially it has been well known for a while that the display stats for Photon Arts and Technics are either deceptive or outright wrong. This makes comparisons for the sake of determining what has changed hard to impossible in terms of power. OK, you could maybe do so for a select few Photon Arts which have neither charge time or multiple hits (like Twister Fall) but otherwise for a comparison you would need to determine what they were referring to and what they are going to refer to in the future. While apparently it was said that the display numbers would now display their “true” damage, or at least damage you’re likely to get from the photon art, this still makes actual comparison very difficult. Someone has had a considerable go at it, attempting to use the “actual mods” where they can for the sake of comparison, but again it’s not the most useful gauge for a lot of abilities. That said, so far it’s the best indicator of power growth we have for now, just take it with varying pinches of salt.

For PP the number is perfectly reliable, so that’s what this post is going to look at. Below is just a list of current PP values compared against the ones in the data. I have omitted any Photon Art or Technique whose PP values are the same as before. All listed values are at lv16.

Oh and before the list begins, please remember that as this is data-mined information these numbers may not reflect their values on release.


  • Rising Edge: 28pp -> 20pp
  • Twister Fall: 25pp -> 20pp
  • Nova Strike: 30pp -> 20pp
  • Ride Slasher: 28pp -> 25pp
  • Stun Concido: 25pp -> 20pp
  • Sonic Arrow: 28pp -> 25pp
  • Cruel Throw: 28pp -> 20pp
  • Guilty Break: 30pp -> 20pp
  • Sacrifice’s Bite: 25pp -> 20pp

Wired Lance

  • Bind Through: 28 -> 20
  • Grapple Charge: 25 -> 20
  • Heavenly Fall: 28 -> 20
  • Kaiser Rise: 25 -> 20


  • Rising Flag: 26 -> 15
  • Zenith Throw: 28 -> 15
  • Sacred Skewer: 35 -> 30

Twin Daggers

  • Shoot Polka: 28 -> 20
  • Scar Fugue: 30 -> 20
  • Wild Rhapsody: 26 -> 20
  • Dark Scherzo: 28 -> 20
  • Quick March: 25 -> 20
  • Symphonic Drive: 28 -> 25
  • Orchestra: 30 -> 25


  • Ducking Blow: 28 -> 20
  • Flicker Jab: 26 -> 20
  • Slide Uppercut: 28 -> 20
  • Straight Charge: 28 -> 20
  • Quake Howling: 25 -> 20
  • Surprise Knuckle: 28 -> 20

Double Sabers

  • Tornado Dance: 30 -> 20
  • Scissor Edge: 28 -> 20
  • Rumbling Moon: 30 -> 20
  • Fake Capture: 30 -> 15
  • Surprise Dunk: 25 -> 20
  • Acro Effect: 26 -> 20
  • Deadly Circle: 30 -> 20
  • Chaos Riser: 27 -> 20


  • All are precisely the same as they are now.


  • Divine Launcher: 40 -> 35
  • Crazy Smash: 25 -> 15

Twin Machineguns

  • Dead Approach: 25 -> 20
  • Satellite Aim: 25 -> 20
  • Elder Rebellion: 40 -> 32
  • Reverse Tap: 28 -> 20


  • Tsukimi-sazanka: 28 -> 20
  • Kanran-kikyou: 28 -> 25
  • Sakura Endo: 28 -> 25
  • Hien Tsubaki: 30 -> 25
  • Fudou-kuchinashi: 40 -> 30

Bullet Bows

  • Penetrating Arrow: 38 -> 30
  • Torrential Arrow: 30 -> 25
  • Gravity Point: 32 -> 20
  • Million Storm: 35 -> 30


  • Nabarta: 34 -> 30
  • Ragrants: 20 -> 30
  • Nagrants: 40 -> 20

The only other thing of note is that they’ve gotten rid of the spike in power at lv11 and lv16 for all Photon Arts and Techniques, like they said they would. The only exception is “JetBootsPA04” which for some reason jumps from 529 to 3413 power from lv15 to 16. Anyway this is a good thing of course, I always hated how some Photon Arts were basically worthless until you happened to find their lv16 disc.

It isn’t too long now before we’ll get to see how all these numbers and changes play out. Episode 3 is due out in a mere 3 days as of this post.

The New Field: Quarry

it was thiiis big

In this post I’ll talk a bit more about the things shown for the newly revealed field, currently named “Quarry” by the community. Embedding a video below that displays the new field, uploaded by PSO2UP. 


Quarry is the third field on the planet Lilipa, which data has only really hinted at for some time with the somewhat vague internal name of “Lilipa3”. It’s an abandoned mining facility that the Lilipans have made their home, despite all the hostile machinery about.

This new field is due to arrive this September.


This section will list enemy names that were spotted in the videos released so far, with pictures where possible.

ヤクトバルガー – Jagdbalger
カノンバルガー Cannon Balger


Yakuto is the kana used for “Jagd”, a German word for hunting. “Balger” is a bit more difficult to place.


This pair of mecha wolves use the Phongalph skeleton. One wields blades in its mouth and uses a jetpack to deliver powerful thrusting attacks. The other has a twin cannon mounted on its back for.. well I’ll let your imagination fill in the blank there.

ヤクトディンゲール – Jagdingell


This monster sort of resembles Cougar, but whether it’s using the same skeleton or not is a bit hard to tell from this little footage. Even if it is, the enemy behaves nothing like Cougar so far. It wields a sword and appears to have a weak-spot on its bum.

 シュタークガン – Stark Gun


Stark Gun seems to be using the Gilnas legs skeleton or at least resembles it. Packing a cannon which is seen firing a large laser-beam and what may be rocket launchers this enemy could be troublesome.

カストキンディッド – Custom Kindidd


Kindidds are an enemy that Big Vardha spawns during its boss fight. All this enemy appears to be is a wild variety of it.

カストガーディナン – Custom Guardinane

You can see it around the 3:06 mark in the video embedded in this post but it’s too blurry to really screenshot. However Guardinanes are a well known enemy that inhabits the Tunnels field on Lilipa, so I imagine the enemy will behave similar to that.


At first glance, I was surprised to learn that the field has three bosses. Barba Lilipa, Vardha Soma and Blu Ringahda. This isn’t the case however, as Barba Lilipa is a rare encounter.

Barba Lilipa – Barbaripan?


Barba Lilipa is possibly a pun on “Barbarian”. In the Japanese it’s Barbariripan, but the pun doesn’t really work in English. Will be interesting to see what the official localisation turns out to be…

Despite clearly using Rockbear’s skeleton, it looks to be a fight that will be nothing like either it or Wolgahda. It can pull various weapons out from its backpack, thrown and melee weapons are shown. Reminds me a bit of Mimiga transformation in Cave Story, only after defeating them in their mutated forms the Lilipan returns to normal instead of dying.

Vardha Soma

vardha soma

Vardha Soma is the detached torso of a Big Vardha, naturally. You might expect that this would make it Quarry’s main boss but observe the quest goal text. It matches the style used for an Arks Quest, not a free field. This would make Vardha Soma technically a mini-boss, although thanks to the likes of Goron Zoran the line between miniboss and boss isn’t as definitive as that any more. Like Goron Zoran, despite being a “miniboss” you only fight one of it at a time instead of two or three when you face it with a party of two or more players.

Blu Ringahda

bring it

Blu Ringadha on the other hand is shown with quest text that does match the style of a Free Field. That makes it the field’s main boss, despite my initial expectation and assumption of it being a mini-boss. This is unexpected for two reasons for me. One, I thought Blu Ringahda was going to be the miniboss of the yet to be revealed “Seabed” field. Two, it’s a bird-type Darker. While story quests and the Advanced Quests do have fish-type Darkers typically the planet has been the domain of bug-type Darkers. I expected Quarry to be crawling with bug-types, perhaps even new ones of that type.

As for the name, it’s suspected to be a pun referencing an enemy from PSO; Chaos Bringer. They are both centaurs and both are dark-types of sorts (one being D-Cell the other being Darker).

Blu Ringahda has a large variety of ranged attacks, as well as being fairly nimble on its feet. This is going to be a fun fight for melee types..

Towards the Future

Well despite being inhabited by bird-type Darkers, the “birdsoldiers” have yet to make an appearance, so they’re at least likely to turn up in the unannounced Seabed area.

Given there is now a third area for Lilipa coming up I wonder if a new Time Attack quest will be crafted to go with it? An Advanced Quest seems unlikely until Seabed is out (they come in threes, afterall), which won’t be until December. This raises another issue for the new class, as Braver currently lacks any Advanced Quest exchange items, Iritista stone items or anything from Extreme Quests. If the old exchanges aren’t going to be updated, will Braver really have to wait approaching six months to be on equal footing with the other classes, gear wise?

[Thanks to Epsiokaos, Qwerty and Agrajag for names and discussion]

3rd August Stream – GIANT ENEMY DORF

The latest live PSO2 broadcast just ended. It was nearly 5 hours of material I didn’t care about at all to get to the only bit I did care about; the reveal of the new field.

I’ve been up for nearly 24 hours now so I’ll not be sharing thoughts until after I’ve slept, however I can at least share a gallery of shots taken from the stream. Naturally expect compression artifacts and general low quality. Thrown in shots from the 3rd part of the Episode 2 update, which will likely have its own official upload soon enough. If the other trailers and reveals don’t get official uploads, there’ll doubtlessly be unofficial ones soon enough.

If you missed the broadcast, there’s an upload of the actual new stuff they showed off on NextTime000’s TwitchTV channel here. 

Anyway, gallery time!

Episode 2: Official Update Page and Broadcast Information


The official update page for the start of Episode 2 has been posted up. It of course comes with a trailer, which I’ll embed as par for the course, however this one is unusually lengthy. You can find a rundown of the update page here on Bumped.

This post will pretty much be going over some information about particular aspects of Episode 2 that I’ve come across, as well as sharing my thoughts on them. If I find more information I’ll probably go and put it into a new post because I think this one is quite long enough now..

The background music at the start is the theme of the new Coast field’s boss, Bal Rodos. From around 2:49 on-wards I believe it’s the Coast field’s theme.

It seems Bal Rodos is Lv55 in the trailer, which puts it on the same level as Sanctum. So I guess that’s how they’re going to be keeping Advanced Quests relevant for longer, which makes me wonder if Lilipa3 will share the same fate. Seabed shouldn’t, as it’ll be released after Super Hard is out.

You can watch the live broadcast in its entirety through the following links:


The class is defined by the two new weapon types, both of which seem to at least look decent. The Katana has good mobility and area-of-effect capability, which will be good for all of melee’s demands. Katanas are at least more mobile than Swords for example, but the damage numbers that they put out seem.. small. In fact their stats and even Photon Art modifiers seem relatively low, however they could well make up for this in damage per second given how rapidly they can attack. Bows on the other hand seem to lay somewhere between Launchers and Rifles with a bit of Twin-Daggers thrown in for good measure. Certainly versatile but I have yet to be convinced of their overall effectiveness.


Tsukimi-sazanka, Gekka-zakuro, Kanran-kikyo, Sakura-endo, Hien-tsubaki, Asagiri-rendan, Master Shot, Penetrating Arrow. Thanks to Qwerty for these names.

Braver seems to be a class oriented around the Ability (or Dexterity) stat primarily. It has an Ability Up skill, which is notable for being at lv3 in the livestream as that indicates it’s a pre-requisite for something. Both Katanas and Bullet Bows also require dexterity to equip, or at least all of the weapons shown so far do. However there may be no need to go raising a pure Dexterity Mag just for this class, as the requirements are quite low anyway. One revealed Braver skill, namely “Braver Mag”, converts up to 50% of the S-atk and R-atk into Dexterity. Whether or not this will add to your base and count for equipping things I don’t know (data suggests it’s a passive skill).

Ability Up 1, Braver Mag, Step, Step Advance, Snatch Step, Step Attack, Just Reversal, Average Stance, Katana Combat, Katana Gear, Rapid Shoot, Reversal Cover, Rapid Shoot Up
The Braver Skill Tree. Skills are: Ability Up, Sriking Up, Shooting Up, Average Stance, Average Stance Up, Average Stance Critical, Average Stance Charge
Katana Combat, Combat Just Attack Bonus, Combat Finish, Katana Gear, Rapid Shoot, Rapid Shoot Up, Rapid Shoot Mastery
Weak Stance, Weak Stance Up, Ability Up 2, Weak Stance Critical, Weak Stance Charge
Step, Step Advance, Snatch Step, Step Attack, Just Reversal, Reversal Cover, Rare Mastery Braver, Braver Mag. Source: Dengeki Play.

Of interest to me are the utility skills surrounding step, as for melee it’s absolutely crucial to mobility. Snatch Step is a skill that will deal damage during a Step. It is seperate from Step Attack as that skill allows you do perform an attack at the end of a Step. You can perform step with both Katanas and Bullet Bows at that, so you’re not losing out if you choose to go ranged.

While you can guard with Katanas, Braver doesn’t have any guard skills at all. The broadcast demonstrates that Just Guarding is possible with Katanas, but possibly only through their gear. If this is the case, I wonder if there’s any point investing in Just Guard should someone decide to have Hunter as their subclass? Or if the regular Just Guard would apply to the Katana without gear applies or even if it would affect the weapon at all.

Coast Enemies

The trailer revealed a number of enemy names, as did the coast field playthrough that was done during the live broadcast. I’ll list them here with names and pictures where I can.



A small shelled enemy, weak to both fire and ice element interestingly. Better picture of them from the official site below. At a distance they appear to be similar to Micdas, possibly sharing the same bone structure. The one on the right below makes be doubt that a little..




Seems to share its skeleton with Naberius’ Galphs. Of course, their attack behaviors don’t resemble them much, with them swimming through the sand with their fins poking out. Land sharks. They also appear to do a somersault attack.



It’s a flower! It pretends to be a regular giant spikey flower and then jumps out at the player after spraying something about. It also fires laserbeams because why not. Smaller versions of this enemy exist as well, namely Blumetta. They appear to share the same bone structure as Sanctum’s Pendira’n.


A picture of both of these enemies is up on the official page, re-hosting below.




One of the new bird-type Darkers. The second one named I believe, after Luda Sorcerer. A higher quality picture of Blundarl is posted below.



StrahdaForgive me for the quality of these pictures, but it’s from a compressed video and there don’t seem to be any clear shots of these enemies sadly. Anyway, this is the somewhat legendary BIRDBIRDCROW in the flesh as it were. Their weak point looks like an exposed brain… It’s the standard orange colored weakpoint that most Darkers have it’s just how it looks given its position.

Another variant of this small bird is Tyraluda


Unfortunately there are no official pictures that I’m aware of for either of these.

So it seems that the Coast field’s elements are Fire and Ice for the natives and Wind and Light for the Darkers.

Now that we have a planet full of fish, after having been fighting fish-based Darkers for a while now, I wonder if a planet populated by insects is on its way in 2014? After all, PSO2 still doesn’t have a Grass Assassin!

Subclass EXP

Old news now, but confirmed at least once and well, it being on the official update page means Sega aren’t going to be changing their minds about it. It’s sad, but subclass EXP will be capped to level 40. Before that, your subclass will gain 10% of the EXP that your main does. Yeah it’s not particularly popular this decision, but it’s still decent at least initially for a subclass. However I imagine like others, I was hoping this would mean the end of having to switch to a class you don’t like playing in order to support a class you do, but alas.

Class Appropriate Rare Drops.. From Bosses

Nothing like hearing the rare drop jingle only to get an item you can’t even use, eh? Well from Episode 2 this problem will be slightly alleviated! By how much of course isn’t really all that specific and I have a feeling that, as a player, you honestly won’t be able to tell that the drop rates had been increased at all. 1/1000 is barely better than 1/2000 for example and I highly doubt they’d give that generous a boost anyway. The idea is at least good, I just have no faith that the difference will be at all noticeable.

Also, despite the update page itself not mentioning bosses according to an article on Shougai which contains a transcript from Sakai and someone else, it only applies to boss enemies. This is kind of a shame as a number of decent items do still drop from regular enemies, but it’s a least a step in the right direction.

EXP Penalty Readjustment

The EXP penalty, which I’m still not a fan of even now, is being relaxed somewhat. Instead of altering the rates however instead they’ll be increasing the number of levels before it applies from 5 to 11. They’re um, turning up to 11 as it were…

This means that you’ll be able to run Advanced Quests a little earlier, however you’ll still have your EXP reduced to 75% at least initially (unlocks at 45, enemies start at 56). However, being able to start running Advanced Quests at lv46 is a significant improvement over having to wait until Lv52. It also means you can skip ahead areas more quickly at the lower levels, which doesn’t really affect Normal mode at all for new players in any case.

On arrival to Hard mode, you’ll be only 1 level out of reach for Forest Exploration.

On arrival to Very Hard mode, you’ll be able to run all the Free Field quests except for Sanctum Exploration and presumably Coast.

Client Order Adjustments

Reducing the cool-down time for daily repeatable Client Orders (not to be confused with Daily Orders… I know) from 24 to 22 is a big deal. Why, you might ponder, it’s not much of a change. It means they truly become daily orders. The current cool-down of 24 hours is problematic because it introduces what I call “crawl”, whereby the time you can re-do the Client Order crawls around the clock and becomes later with each day.

Say you start the Order at 12:00pm, it takes you half an hour to complete and you turn it in at 12:30pm. The next day you can’t start it any earlier than 12:30pm, so the next day you won’t be able to start it until 1:00pm. Then 1:30pm, etc. A 22 hour cool-down gives you a much better chance of being able to take on these Client Orders at a time you’d prefer to take them. It’s good to see the change, but annoying that it took them a year to do something about it.

Episode 2: New Photon Arts


Thanks to Manta Oyamada of PSO2UP for sharing this on YouTube, which is a video from the Thanks Festa live event apparently. Embedding below.

The video was removed. This is in response to Sega warning users not to show any unreleased content.

Photon Arts

We have the names of a few of these new photon arts. Listing them in the order they appear in the video, with names if they have them.

New Photon Arts

  • Kreisenschlag (Gunslash)
  • Deadly Circle (Double Sabers)
  • Bloody Sarabande (Twin Daggers)
  • Heel Stab (Twin Machineguns)
  • Backhand Smash (Knuckles)
  • Unnamed (Partizan)
  • Wired Round (Wired Lance)
  • Unnamed (Rifle)
  • Unnamed (Sword)
  • Unnamed (Launcher)


New Technics

  • Zanverse
  • Nagrants
  • Nazonde
  • Nabarta
  • Nafoie
  • Namegid


Thanks to EspioKaos and Agrajag for help translating these and Qwerty for letting us know that a Sarabande is a thing.

Episode 2 Predownload Schedule

HEEERE IT COMES! Are you ready to download a bunch of files you probably already have? Cause a new area, class, client features and stats sure don’t justify a 5GB download on their own. Of course this patch could also include a chunk of the story, which has a lot of audio files and.. that can be big.

Whatever the case is, we’ll know soon enough once eager dataminers get their hands on the first part of the pre-download which is available with tonight’s maintenance.


Episode 2 Speculations: New Fields and Super Hard


With a little over two weeks to go til Episode 2 arrives I feel like I might make a bunch of speculative posts in the meanwhile. Based on information I’ve seen floating about. As these are purely speculative, none of the information in this post reflects what will end up in the game.

Level Ranges of the New Fields

There are 3 new fields on the long term schedule. All of them will have been added by the end of the year. Two of them will be added before the addition of Super Hard difficulty.

This is an estimate based on the pattern of level ranges they’ve been using for the current free-fields.

  • Coast (Vopar) – Lv54-56
  • Lilipa3 (Obvious) – Lv.55-57

Why not cover up to Lv.60? I’m assuming they want to keep Advanced Quests and Extreme Quests relevant for a bit longer. I’ll be sharing thoughts on that in another section.

Of course, as Seabed won’t be released until after the lv.65 cap it could be that Coast and Lilipa3 could push closer to 60 than I’m guessing here. Seabed itself could well cap at lv60.

Level Ranges of the Super Hard Fields

The next level cap raise won’t be for some time, but it will arrive somewhat appropriately with the next difficulty level. Now, with the Very Hard update the existing fields and quests all gained the new difficulty but their level ranges were effectively crammed into a small-ish space. Back then, there were six fields and the level cap was 50, with 10 levels to squeeze them in (as the cap had raised from 40).

Call of Mortality Part 1

  • Forest – 41-43
  • Caverns –  42-44
  • Desert –  43-45

Call of Mortality Part 2

  • Tundra – 44-46
  • Tunnels – 45-47
  • Skyland – 46-48

By the time Super Hard is released, the game will have 10 fields and only 5 levels in which to squeeze them. In addition to the above fields we’ll also have:

  • Ruins (added back in the Destroyer of History update November 2012)
  • Sanctum (added back in the Solemn Sentinel update April 2013)
  • Coast (Scheduled to be added with Episode 2’s release 17th July)
  • Lilipa3 (Likely to be released with the upcoming Reminiscent Sands update, possibly in September)

It’s plausible that, like with the addition of Very Hard, not all fields will gain the difficulty at once. Can’t have us having too much “content” at once after all. But as-is, the free fields probably won’t be pushing all that deeply into Super Hard’s level range (estimated as lv60-80).

This isn’t a bad thing initially, as players will have the largest selection of level appropriate fields the game has ever offered. But like with Very Hard before it, it seems the Free Fields are set to become mostly irrelevant when fields beyond Seabed are added, never mind other content that could easily push deeper towards lv80.

Advanced Quests and Extreme Quests 

Currently, these two quest types are PSO2’s endgame. They offer difficulty that the rest of Very Hard just doesn’t come close to. Note I’m talking about relative difficulty here, not whether or not the content can be classified as “difficult” (because it mostly isn’t). They also offer players current tier gear that’s obtainable and with decent stats, ones you could only improve upon with extreme luck.

So how will these quests fare when higher level content comes out? This won’t be an issue until we’re beyond October, so they will remain PSO2’s endgame until then. But beyond that the pull of having lv60 enemies in either quest type fades, which is a particular problem for Advanced Quests given they require you to run them 12 times before you see lv60 enemies in them (which then resets a few days later). Advanced Quests will still at least offer players an easy-ish way to get decently geared up for the next difficulty, even after it’s out. While it’s true that Super Hard will introduce new gear, given the astronomical odds rare items seem to have right now I wouldn’t go depending on drops to gear you up. Unless the drop rates are more generous, Advanced Quest exchange items will still be relevant a while longer.

Extreme Quests have a different issue. They don’t require you to grind them to get lv.60 enemies, but nor do they offer you much in the way of drops. Not outside of ingredient items required for Advanced Quest exchange items anyway. If you’re really lucky you can get 11* units from them, which are powerful items in their own right. However, the Extreme Quest exchange items will still take an ungodly amount of time for a player to acquire (ignoring the strategy of buying other people’s runs). I’ve talked about it before effectively requiring in the region of a year’s worth of playtime just to get ONE weapon. With that kind of time scale, you have decent odds of finding equivalent or better gear out in the field, which if true raises the issue of “what’s the point of running Extreme Quests once I have Advanced Quest gear?”.

I doubt the levels of the current Advanced Quests or Extreme Quests will be raised to match the current tier. Instead I imagine we’re going to get an update down the line that simply adds a new tier of them. Assuming they’ll want them to be the end-game of the current difficulty again and noting that the lv70 cap isn’t even on the timeline, let alone lv80, that could be some time away indeed.