New Concept Art

Because the PSO2 Facebook page has reached 2000 likes, Bonkohara has posted 2 more pieces of concept art.


There’s also been some details released about the alpha test which you can read about on bumped. I’ll be posting my thoughts on these, momentarily.


Bonkohara made a post on the PSO2 Facebook page. Quoting it here in its entirety.

絵柄はIphoneと同じデザインです。もしよかったら使ってく​ださいね:D ♥

Hello everyone,
Some funs (her typo, not mine!) asked us to how to get android’s wallpaper (960pxx854px) by facebook’s wall. So We made it for you last night hehe :)
This is same image as iphone’ wallpaper.
Please use it for your phone :D ♥
Thanks to post a lot of nice message for us always :)

The above mentioned wallpaper.

Nice to see another post in English. Given that the page is now flooded with English posts (with most leaving me ashamed to be a part of this fanbase..), I guess it was inevitable. They’re up to 1910 fans as of writing this post, so maybe we’ll get something special from the 2000th, who knows.

Alpha Test Dates – There May Even Be a __________!

Yes as the title suggests some dates and times have been announced for the alpha tests, posted on the PSO2 Facebook page.

■ First test
August 18 (Thu), 16:00 to 23:00
August 19 (Fri), 18:00 to 23:00
■ Second Test
August 23 (Tuesday) 16:00 to 23:00
■ Third Test
August 26 (Fri) 16:00 – 27 (Sat) 23:00

Bonkohara notes that these dates may change, presumably this depends on the outcome of these tests.

You can find a translation of the alpha test schedule here. Of note is that initial tests will only concern the forest and lobby, with the 3rd test scheduled to add the “Volcano Cave” area seen in screenshots. They will be adding more players at each stage of the test, so good luck to all those who applied!

PSO2 Official Facebook Page

If you’re not already aware, PSO2 has an official Facebook page right here:

One interesting post was pointed out in the #psu IRC chatroom by member Vashyron. An English speaking fan told the PSO2 to announce a US release! They responded with “we will try!”.

Hm. Not exactly brimming with confidence from this, but that they’re responding at all in English is somewhat comforting I guess.