Client Orders – A General Guide

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This will give you a general idea of how to do Client Orders. This guide will not tell you how to do specific Client Orders however.

Client Orders are essentially like quests in regular MMOs. An NPC will ask you to do a thing, you’ll do this thing and then the NPC will reward you when you turn it in. Most Client Orders you don’t need to do, but some do pay well in terms of experience points and some Client Orders can be repeated daily for regular extra experience. Some Client Orders are however essential to your character’s development, as they will unlock features such as your Mag, unlock quests at the Quest Counter and can unlock extra difficulty levels.

Note: You can only take on a maximum of 20 Client Orders at once.

An NPC that has a Client Order available for you will have this blue icon above their heads.

Simply talk to them and pick the 2nd option in the window that pops up. This will bring up a window displaying the NPC’s available Client Orders.

The client orders are listed in the window below an icon of the NPC’s face. The red icon before the name indicates that it is a Client Order that is currently inactive. Click on it to continue.

The information in the window on the right concerns itself with the Client Order’s details. At the top is “Order Type”, in this case it is a “Quest Clear Order”. Below that is the client’s name, in this case “Alfin”. Below that is the objective of the quest, which is “Fungolf Extermination”. So this client order just wants you to clear that mission. Don’t worry if you don’t know which mission a given Client Order is asking you to do, you will see later.

This window will pop up. Click the left button to accept the Client Order.

The Client Order window will close and this message will be displayed, indicating that the Client Order has been activated. Once that’s done the Client Order window will automatically open up again. Unless the NPC has other Client Orders available for you that you want to accept then you can just close the window at this point.

The blue icon next to a Client Order indicates that it is active. To cancel it, click on it and  then click the left button in the window that pops up.

After accepting a Client Order, it’s time to head to the Quest Counter.

At the Quest Counter you may notice that some quests now have a blue icon on the right side of them. This indicates that at least one Client Order’s objective can be completed on this quest.

There are a few different types of Client Order. Some will just require you to complete a quest, some may also require you to bring a specific NPC, or view a certain thing in a mission, or collect a certain number of creature parts or a few other things. You will know when you’ve finished a Client Order because you’ll hear an in-game sound and a message will pop up at the bottom of the screen.

You can check on the progress of your Client Orders by first pressing ESC to bring up the main menu. Then click on the 5th button and then click on the 2nd item in the menu displayed above.

It’ll bring up this menu. The numbers beside their faces indicate how many Client Orders you have for that particular NPC. Click on an NPC’s face to see details and check progress of Client Orders you have with them.

When you complete a Client Order, you can turn it in by returning to the lobby and speaking to the NPC. Any NPC whose Client Orders you have completed will have a green icon above their head as pictured above.

Talk to the NPC and pick the 2nd option to bring up their Client Order window. Completed orders will have a green icon before their name. Click on it and then click on the left button in the popup window to turn it in. You’ll get some dialogue from the NPC and then…


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