How To Form a Team (Guild)

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Teams are PSO2’s equivalent of guilds in other MMOs. Not everyone is going to want to start one, but in case you do this guide will show you how.

First you will need to reach level 10., then you need to head to a counter to speak to an NPC.

There are no menus to go through, you just speak to her and a window immediately pops up, essentially asking if you wish to make a team.

The very next window that pops up is asking you to name your team. Enter whatever you like and hit the left button. That’s it, you now have a team.

The next thing that displays is the team management window. This guide won’t go into detail about the specifics of team management, but it’s fair to warn you that this will just pop up on its own after you’ve named your team. You can just close it.

For a translation of the above screenshot, click here .

For information on how to invite people to your brand new team, click here.

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