Joining a Specific Multiparty

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This guide will tell you how to join a specific multiparty. This may be useful for when you wish to pre-arrange them.

One party will need to start a quest first. It doesn’t matter how big the multiparty is, but the quest itself must be multi-party. You can tell the quest is one if the below icon is on the mission card.

This indicates that the quest has multi-party areas in it. This does not mean the entire quest is multi-party, however.

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When you go to the quest counter, use the 2nd button to search for parties currently running. You can also select the same quest they’re running and use the 2nd button to search for parties doing that particular quest.

When you select a party, your two options are roughly “Join party” and “Join as party”. The 2nd option will join your party onto their multi-party. The current size of the multi-party is circled in green in the above picture. Your party can’t be big enough to cause this number to exceed 12. NPCs count towards this total.

If the other party has elected to password protect the multi-party as well as their own, you will need to enter the password at this point. This is needed if you’re doing a strictly pre-arranged group.

Press the left button to confirm.

You’ll then see the party window, set your details as you wish and then select OK. Your party is now merged with theirs.

This concludes how to join a multi-party. Note that within missions, you’ll only see the other parties in multi-party areas of quests. Some quests may only have 1 area that is multi-party. Boss arenas are exclusively single-party at the moment, so bear this in mind.

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