Learning Photon Arts

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To learn a Photon Art, you will need a Photon Art Disc. You can either buy them from an NPC (who will only sell some lv1 discs), find them as drops in missions or buy them from player shops.

To access Photon Art Discs in your inventory, press F2 and go to the 6th tab. Anything that’s lit up green can be learned, anything that’s grayed out either can’t be learned yet or has already been learned. The red box with an exclamation mark surrounding them are just new items that you haven’t looked at yet. On any disc that you can learn, simply highlight them and press ENTER twice.

The bottom-right corner of a photon disc icon indicates which weapon it belongs to in the case of striking and ranged Photon Arts. For Techs, it’s the element.
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