Main Menu Bar

This is the main in-game menu, granting you access to most of the general functions you will need in game.You can bring it up any time by pressing the ESC key.

  1. Item PackCheck your inventory and feed your Mag.
  2. Palettes/EquipmentAllows you to check and alter your weapon palette, clothing and unit palette and your sub-palette.
  3. Communication MenuCheck out your friends list, Team information, access the party menu and your mail.
  4. “My Data” MenuAccess the quick-menu, alter communication settings and alter your Arks Card (the PSO2 equivalent of a Guild Card from PSO).
  5. Quest MenuCheck your progress on Matter Board quests, Client Orders and your current mission.
  6. System MenuAccess the Symbol Art system, game options and online help.
  7. Arks Cash MenuAccess the Arks Cash shop and the Gacha system (including the FUN Gacha).
  8. Log Out

Item Pack
From top to bottom:

  1. Access InventorySend items to storage, drop items, use consumables such as Photon Art Discs or EXP boosters. This is also where you can set equipped Units to be hidden or not.
  2. Custom – An all in one sort of menu which allows you to edit your weapon palette, unit palette and sub palette all at once.
  3. Access Mag functions – Equip/Unequip Mags, as well as feed them.
  4. Event Item

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From top to bottom:

  1. Weapons PaletteUse this to equip/unequip weapons, as well as the photon arts attached to them.
  2. Clothing/Units PaletteUse this to equip/unequip clothing and units. This is not where you can set units to be hidden.
  3. Sub-PaletteUse this to change what is bound to your hotbar. You can slot items, class abilities and Techs.

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Communication Menu
From top to bottom:

  1. Friendlist – View which of your friends are online and where they are. You can also accept friend requests here.
  2. Team Command – View which team members are currently online and access management functions if you have permission to.
  3. Party Command – Alter your party settings, accept party invites, kick members, all manners of party related functions.
  4. Mail – Check your mail, send mail. Self explanatory.
  5. Show Nearby Characters – 

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My Data Menu
From top to bottom:

  1. Character Information
  2. Title List – View your titles. You must go to the title counter in order to claim prizes.
  3. Quick MenuAccess the quick menu (shortcut: press Select on the 360 controller)
  4. Communication History
  5. Arks Card – View and edit the information on your Arks Card, including things like description and the symbol art attached to it.

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Quest Menu
From top to bottom:

  1. Matter Board – Check on the current matter board quest, as well as view the overall board.
  2. Client Order – Check all of your client orders, their requirements and progress for each NPC.
  3. Current Quest – View details about the current quest. You can also abandon it here.

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System Menu
From top to bottom:

  1. Symbol Art – Takes you to the symbol art creation tool. You can also use it to copy symbol art that other users have displayed, as well as import them from a folder.
  2. Chat Settings
  3. Options – As the name suggests, this is where you can access a large number of settings for the game. Things like advanced graphics settings, keybinds, the ways some controls work, screenshot settings, etc.
  4. Log Window
  5. Online Help

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Arks Cash Menu
From top to bottom:

  1. AC Shop – As the name suggests, this is the cash shop of PSO2. You buy Arks Cash through their website, which is then attached to your account. You can then spend it in this menu.
  2. GachaPay for a go at one of the Gachas. You can access the FUN Gacha here as well.
  3. Purchase History
  4. Rental Expiration DateCheck how much time is remaining on any rental items you bought (Premium, My Shop access, My Room access, Storage Expansions, etc).

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Log Out

  1. Logout- Self explanatory.

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